Beginner WordPress Guides

Need a little help?

A series of handy beginner-level guides to help you get started with — and further enhance — your own WordPress-powered endeavors:

  1. An Introduction to WordPress: What is it and When to Use it
  2. vs Self-Hosted – Which to Choose and Why?
  3. How to Choose a Great Domain Name for a Website
  4. How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting Service
  5. How to Install WordPress – All You Need to Know
  6. How to Move WordPress to a New Host – Everything You Need to Know
  7. How to Choose the Ideal WordPress Theme
  8. Where to Buy Top-Quality WordPress Themes
  9. How to Install – and Set Up – a New WordPress Theme
  10. How to Choose – and Install – New WordPress Plugins
  11. Recommended WordPress Plugins
  12. How to Backup, Secure and Optimize WordPress
  13. How to Change the Look and Feel of WordPress
  14. How to Update, Maintain and Troubleshoot WordPress
  15. How to Monitor a WordPress Website
  16. How to Speed Up WordPress – A Comprehensive Guide
  17. How to Move a Website from to a Self-Hosted Setup – A Beginners’ Guide
  18. How To Start An Online Store (And Make It Successful) With WordPress – A Complete Step By Step Guide
  19. How to Set Up an Email Address for Your Own Domain Name

Other super-useful resources:

  1. A Complete All-in-One Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide on How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog – from Start to Finish
  2. How to Make a Professional Small Business Website – with WordPress: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide
  3. How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog (Complete Video Tutorial)
  4. Glossary of Common WordPress-Related Terms and Phrases
  5. Recommended WordPress Resources (A Giant List)
  6. Frequently-Asked WordPress Questions (FAQ)

Stay tuned: more guides & resources on the way!