WinningWP Disclosure

How do we fund WinningWP?

We believe it’s in our readers’ best interests – and also our own – to only print fair and balanced reviews of products and services our authors have extensive knowledge of and/or have researched, tried and tested, and truly believe in.

This is why everything you read on WinningWP is written by deeply knowledgeable and independent authors – all of whom we pay entirely on a per-word basis (to further eliminate any possible biases) for articles based on their own expertise, experiences, research and analysis.

By doing things this way, we’re able to (unlike many similar sites) forgo ever accepting paid reviews, paid advertising or guest posts (all of which are almost always subject to outside influences and/or objectives).

But every site has to at least cover its costs, so, if we’re not making money from the methods listed above, how can we afford to keep WinningWP free?

The answer is we use affiliate links within some of our posts. If you make a purchase through one of those links, we’ll earn a small commission. It won’t cost you anything extra however, and, in fact, often allows us to offer deals/discounts to readers – thereby actually saving *you* money!

It is always entirely up to the authors to decide the direction and content of each post, depending on their own research, experiences and conclusions. Furthermore, none of the authors we use are influenced by our affiliate arrangements with any of the companies we cover.

We only ever recommend products and services we believe in, and that our authors have tried and tested themselves. We will never include a recommendation for a product we’ve not tried or do not sincerely value and we never accept any free products, services — or anything else — from companies in exchange for mentioning them.

Affiliate links keep our site independent, up and running and free to all.

Thank you for your support!

The small print:

  • We never include products or services we don’t believe in; our reviews/comparisons etc always reflect our own experiences as users.
  • Although we affiliate ourselves with many of the leading brands in our industry, this never stops us from recommending and/or including brands we’ve absolutely no affiliation with – whenever we review, compare or mention products or services, we always treat each of the brands/products/services that we mention entirely on their own merits. Simple!
  • Any recommendation or inclusion of a particular product or service is made entirely by the writer working independently and according to their own experiences, research, analysis and conclusions. Authors are all, without exception, paid per word – regardless of how much money their content generates for the site.
  • WinningWP only ever promotes products and services that we both personally like and use (or have otherwise direct experience of) — and feel to be genuinely beneficial to our audience.
  • We don’t collect any user information when you purchase items via links on our site – any such information is completely anonymous.

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