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The 35 Best WordPress Theme Companies / Shops (2024)

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In the world of WordPress, your chosen theme will determine the way your website looks, and, to some extent, the way it works. All of your site’s style — the layout, the images, the typography — comes from your theme’s code. As such, choosing the right WordPress theme provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make.

No pressure then.

And to make matters worse, choosing a theme isn’t as simple as picking your favorite design — a lot more goes into the decision than that.

In fact, there’s rather a lot to consider: The quality of the code, the built-in functionalities, how easy the theme is to set up, whether it’s optimized for speed and SEO, whether you can integrate it with your favorite third-party plugins, whether support is provided, etc, etc, etc.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first (indecisive users, look away now): There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of good theme developers out there.

Of course, not all theme providers are created equal, and that’s where a little insight can help, which is exactly why we’re here today — to line up 35 of the very best WordPress theme companies out there.

Chosen based on quality, reputation, popularity, longevity, size and a little bit of sentiment. Here goes…

(Listed in no particular order)

1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Let’s start with one of the most popular WordPress theme shops of all: Elegant Themes. (Read our full review.)

Established in 2008, Elegant Themes has gone on to attract more than 881,000 customers with its collection of themes and plugins. It used to have more than 80 different themes, but it’s since pared that down to just two (which is something you’ll see happening at a lot of WordPress theme companies):

  1. Divi — an epic multipurpose theme with tons of functionalities and almost endless versatility. Read our full Divi review.
  2. Extra — a magazine theme for publishers. It also comes bundled with the same visual drag-and-drop Divi Builder you get with the Divi theme.

Between these two themes, you can create pretty much any type of website.

You can get access to both themes, as well as all of the developer’s plugins, with a single membership. You can pay $89 for one year of access or $249 for lifetime access. Both options let you use the themes on unlimited sites (including client websites).

Official Website — (See Deals)

2. StudioPress


StudioPress (read our full review) is the design team behind the famed Genesis Framework — the foundation for more than 500,000 websites. The Genesis Framework brings clean design, custom layouts and powerful security to the table.

In addition to the Genesis Framework, StudioPress makes eight+ different child themes to control how the framework looks (down from 35+ a few years ago).

StudioPress was acquired by WP Engine, a popular WordPress host, in 2018, but anyone can still purchase the themes. However, if you’re a WP Engine (our review) or Flywheel (our review) hosting customer, you’ll get access to the Genesis Framework and all of StudioPress’s child themes for free as part of your hosting.

If you’re not using WP Engine or Flywheel hosting, you can access all of the themes via Genesis Pro, which costs $360 a year. In addition to the themes, Genesis Pro also gets you access to Genesis Blocks, which adds a number of upgrades to the native WordPress editor.

Official Website

3. Astra


Astra isn’t a theme shop per se, because the developer only sells one theme. However, it’s one of the most popular themes of all time, so we can’t leave it off the list. In fact, Astra was the first non-default WordPress theme to ever achieve over a million active installs, according to That’s pretty impressive!

Astra is lightweight, multipurpose, and comes with hundreds of pre-built importable demo sites to help you to quickly get started. You can learn more about all of the Astra theme’s features in our full Astra theme review.

The core Astra theme is free, but you can get more features by upgrading to the Pro version for $59.

Official Website

4. Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press is a WordPress theme shop targeted at artists and photographers. Its themes feature stunning minimal designs, providing an uncluttered platform that allows your work to do the talking.

In total, Graph Paper Press offers 46 different themes, which gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Graph Paper Press no longer sells individual themes. Instead, you can subscribe to a single membership that gives you access to all of the themes.

Access to all 46 themes starts at $99 for one year of support and updates. You can also pay $399 one time for lifetime support and updates and access to all 16 of the developer’s plugins (in addition to all 46 themes).

Official Website — (See Deals)

5. MyThemeShop


With more than 727,000 customers, MyThemeShop (read our full review) is one of the best-established theme developers in the WordPress world.

MyThemeShop is also the same team behind the popular Rank Math SEO plugin, as well as a number of other plugins.

Its themes are built with performance in mind, ensuring lightning-quick load times and the best possible front-end user experience. There are plenty of back-end features too, although MyThemeShop has been slow to embrace the real-time WordPress Customizer.

While MyThemeShop used to offer 72+ themes, the MyThemeShop team has now pared that down to just eight themes — the ‘cream of the crop’, so to speak.

A few of these themes are free, while the rest will cost $49 each for use on unlimited sites. Otherwise, you can purchase the membership to access all themes and plugins for $199*.

Official Website

*Rank Math is not included in the membership, but all of the other plugins are.

6. aThemes


aThemes is a popular WordPress theme shop, and, like many others, aThemes used to offer dozens of different themes but has since pared its collection back to just two:

  • Sydney — a multipurpose theme with a tight Elementor integration.
  • Botiga — a WooCommerce theme with tons of features.

You can pay $69 each for a single site license, or you can get an unlimited sites bundle of both themes for $199.

Official Website

7. Themify


Themify (read our full review) is the drag-and-drop WordPress theme specialist.

Every one of its 42 themes ships with the drag-and-drop Themify Builder plugin, meaning you can endlessly customize any Themify theme from top to bottom, giving you the platform to craft your dream site.

With themes targeted at magazine websites, eCommerce stores and bloggers — to name just a few — a Themify membership offers something for everyone, too. If you’re not sure where to begin, the multipurpose Ultra theme makes a good starting point.

Prices start at just $59 a year for a single theme, or you can get access to all of the themes and plugins via the Master Club for just $89.

Official Website — (See Deals)

8. OceanWP


Like Astra, OceanWP is a single-theme company, rather than a shop with multiple themes. However, it’s multipurpose, so you can adapt it to pretty much any niche. It also includes 220+ pre-built importable demo sites, which gives it the feel of ‘multiple’ themes.

Active on more than 700,000 sites (according to, OceanWP is the second-most popular non-default theme at the theme directory*. You can learn more about this theme and company in our full OceanWP theme review.

You can get started using the free version at WordPress, and, if you want more features than are included in the free version, you can purchase the Pro version starting at $54.

Official Website

*Hello Elementor technically has more active installs, but it’s a blank canvas for Elementor rather than an actual theme, so I don’t count it.

9. CSSIgniter


Looking to build a beautiful website with minimal fuss? CSSIgniter could be one of your best bets.

CSSIgniter’s themes come with a super-streamlined setup process, plus you can install as much — or as little — dummy content as your site needs. The collection of 65 free and premium themes comes in all shapes and sizes too, so it isn’t difficult to find a layout that meets your needs. If you’re a fan of the Elementor page builder (our review), CSSIgniter also offers a collection of 60+ Elementor templates called Elementorism.

You can access all of the premium themes for just $69 a year — that’s around $1 per theme — or you can purchase an individual theme for $49.

Official Website — (See Deals)



WPZOOM specializes in building professional-quality WordPress themes, with 34 on offer. A lot of WPZOOM’s themes are targeted toward specific niches. For example, WPZOOM has one of the most popular food blogging themes in Foodica, as well as themes for photographers, fashion blogs and lots more.

If you want to purchase individual themes, most are priced at $69, while a few cost $79. Or, you can also purchase a club membership to get access to all current and future themes. The price for membership varies based on the number of sites you want to use it on — going from $99 for up to three websites to $139 for up to ten websites.

Official Website

11. CommerceGurus


CommerceGurus is a WordPress theme company that primarily focuses on WooCommerce themes, although it offers general WordPress business themes as well.

CommerceGurus’ flagship theme is Shoptimizer, a conversion-optimized theme for WooCommerce stores. However, CommerceGurus also offers 14 other themes for businesses and WooCommerce stores.

The flagship Shoptimizer theme costs $99, while most of the other themes cost $59 (and one theme costs just $49).

The same team also has another theme shop with six themes on offer — Create and Code — but most of the team’s focus seems to be on CommerceGurus as of 2023.

Official Website

12. GeneratePress


Much like Astra and OceanWP, GeneratePress is another single-theme company.

While I tried not to include too many of these, it’s tough to deny GeneratePress because it’s also one of the most popular themes at

As with those other themes, GeneratePress is flexible and multipurpose — you can adapt it to pretty much any niche imaginable. The premium version also includes dozens of importable demo sites for a range of different use cases.

Beyond being very flexible, it’s also incredibly lightweight, which means your site will be set up to load quickly.

You can get started with the free version at Then, for more features, you can consider upgrading to the premium version for $59.

Official Website

13. Kadence Theme

Kadence Theme

Kadence Theme is another single-theme shop like Astra, OceanWP and GeneratePress. While it’s younger than those other flagship themes, Kadence Theme has quickly grown to become one of the most popular free themes at

To help you to create the perfect look, you can easily import your choice of dozens of professionally designed starter sites. From there, Kadence Theme offers a huge array of options in the Customizer, which allows for easy code-free customization.

Kadence Theme also keeps a performance focus, which helps you to create a fast-loading website.

The free version of Kadence Theme at is already more than capable. If you want more features and starter sites, Kadence Theme Pro starts at $59 for the first year (and then $79 a year after that).

Official Website

14. Themetry


Themetry bills itself as an anti-ThemeForest WordPress shop. Rather than inundating its themes with unnecessary options, every Themetry product is built with simplicity in mind.

The Themetry experience was designed to be as painless as possible, with super easy setup, loads of tutorials and a knowledgeable support team on hand. The themes are gorgeous, too, built by master craftspeople in complete compliance with the latest WordPress standards.

Themetry currently offers eight different themes, most of which have a creative focus.

You can purchase individual themes for $100, which offers lifetime support and updates for a single site.

Or, you can purchase a bundle of all current and future themes for $347. The bundle lets you use those themes on up to a hundred sites, and also offers lifetime support and updates.

Official Website

15. Pixelgrade


Pixelgrade is something of a hidden gem, boasting some jaw-dropping designs that are guaranteed to hook visitors. The Pixelgrade team has definitely created some of the most beautiful themes of any shop on this list.

Pixelgrade takes a creative approach to building themes fit for specific purposes — for example, restaurant, magazine or photography themes. This creative approach is evident in all of its work, which has some of the most unique layouts you’ll find.

Such bold and stunning designs don’t come cheap, though, as Pixelgrade is a little pricier than most other theme companies.

However, if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, the investment is well worth it.

For individual themes, Pixelgrade uses different prices, ranging from $75 to $100+ depending on the theme. You can also get lifetime access to all of Pixelgrade’s themes for $498.

Official Website

16. ThemeFusion (Avada)

ThemeFusion, makers of Avada

ThemeFusion is another WordPress single-theme shop.

But again, no list of theme companies could be complete without ThemeFusion because it makes Avada, the all-time best-selling WordPress theme at ThemeForest. Avada has been purchased more than 884,000 times, while maintaining an excellent 4.78-star rating on more than 25,000 reviews.

As with other single-theme companies, Avada is a multipurpose theme that lets you build anything from a blog to a business website, eCommerce store and more.

You can learn more in our full Avada review, and you can also check out some real-life Avada examples to see what the theme can do.

Avada costs $69, which gets you lifetime updates for a single website and six months of support.

Official Website | Avada Theme

17. ThemeGrill


ThemeGrill makes a number of popular business, blogging and magazine themes. Its best-known is probably the ColorMag theme, but it also offers a popular flagship theme called Zakra that it markets separately from the ThemeGrill brand.

Under the ThemeGrill brand, you’ll find 16 themes for a range of uses. You can purchase individual themes for $69, or you can get a bundle of all themes starting at $99 for one year of usage on a single site, or $299 for lifetime access/usage (this bundle doesn’t include Zakra, though).

Official Website

18. FloThemes


FloThemes makes gorgeous themes for photographers, videographers and other similar types of creatives.

FloThemes used to offer a number of different themes. However, the FloThemes team has since rearranged things to bundle everything into a single Pronto All-In-One theme.

This all-in-one theme offers nine different starter sites (similar to different themes), as well as its own visual builder that includes a library of 300+ unique Flex blocks and 24 style kits.

The Pronto All-In-One theme costs $169 a year, which gets you access to all nine starter sites.

Official Website

19. GretaThemes


GretaThemes offers 17 themes to date — the quality of its designs is impressive, with a super-sleek style that really stands out from the crowd.

The themes couple easy setup with loads of customization options — in fact, by importing demo content and playing around with the control panel, you can have a gorgeous-looking website set up in just minutes.

GretaThemes offers many of its themes for free — when it comes to the premium themes, you can purchase individual themes for $49 or you can get a bundle of all themes for $89 (one year of access) or $149 (lifetime access).

Official Website

20. ThemesKingdom


Having launched way back in 2010, ThemesKingdom’s longevity is unsurprising. Simply put: Its themes are among the most stylish you’ll find, as evidenced by its 133,000-strong user base.

ThemesKingdom currently offers 56+ themes, covering a range of different niches and use cases.

You can purchase individual themes for $59 for a one-year license or $129 for lifetime access. Alternatively, you can purchase access to all 56 themes for $249 for one year of access or $529 for lifetime access.

Official Website — (See Deals)

21. Anariel Design

Anariel Design

Anariel Design is a niche theme developer from Germany. Its ethos is simple: ‘We build unique themes so you can build unique websites.’ And, so far, it’s really working.

There’s a personal quality to all of its 15+ themes, with the developers doing their best to ensure no unnecessary bloat.

This guarantees fast, SEO-optimized websites that your visitors will love, and, should you get stuck, the team is also committed to providing genuinely helpful support.

Anariel Design has also been at the forefront of block-based editing — many of its newer themes support full-site editing via the native WordPress Site Editor.

You can purchase individual themes for $59 each for one year of support and updates or $149 for lifetime support and updates. Both licenses allow use on up to ten sites.

Alternatively, you can purchase a theme bundle for $299 (one time) which gives you access to all 15 themes, along with lifetime updates and one year of support.

Official Website

22. Themeum


Themeum makes both themes and plugins, but, for this list, we’ll be focusing on the themes. However, the two are still closely connected because most of Themeum’s six+ themes are focused on helping you to create websites with Themeum’s plugins.

For example, you’ll find several different themes for online courses, which are powered by Themeum’s own learning management system (LMS) plugin called Tutor LMS.

Similarly, there are themes focused on creating crowdfunding websites powered by Themeum’s WP Crowdfunding plugin.

You can purchase individual themes for $79, or you can purchase a membership that gets you access to all of Themeum’s themes for $199.

Official Website

23. Bluchic


Bluchic is the first female-focused WordPress theme shop on this list. It specializes in producing themes targeted at female entrepreneurs and bloggers who want a professional-looking website. All of the themes have the same basic aesthetic you’ll commonly see for lifestyle blogs.

As of 2023, all of Bluchic’s themes are built with the free version of Elementor, which allows for easy drag-and-drop customization.

Bluchic also sells Canva templates (for featured images and social media images), as well as landing page templates. This makes it a great ‘one-stop shop’ for female entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Bluchic’s themes cost $149 each, which includes lifetime updates. You also get some value-added bonuses, such as a Canva style guide, so you can easily create graphics that match your theme.

Official Website

24. Organic Themes

Organic Themes

Organic Themes sells premium WordPress themes, with no preservatives or GMO ingredients (joke). You’ll find 44+ themes for a variety of niches, ranging from business sites to gaming blogs, personal CVs and lots more.

Organic Themes was also one of the first companies to embrace the WordPress block editor with its Block theme. Since then, Organic Themes has continued to embrace the block-based Site Editor experience, most recently with its flagship Stax theme.

Organic Themes offers nine free themes. If you want access to all 44 themes, you can purchase the All Access pack for $99 (including the flagship Stax theme).

Organic Themes no longer sells individual themes.

Official Website

25. ThemeZee


ThemeZee is another WordPress theme developer originating from Germany. It used to specialize exclusively in magazine themes, and, while it still offers a lot of these, it’s now also fully embraced the new Site Editor/Full-Site Editing experience and offers a number of block-based themes.

ThemeZee has slightly pared down its collection of themes and now offers 22+ options to choose from. Of these, 15 use the ‘Classic’ approach based on the WordPress Customizer, while the other seven themes use the newer block-based approach.

ThemeZee only sells its themes via an all-in-one membership that gives you access to all 22+ themes, but the membership is quite affordable. The prices range from €49 for a single-site license to €99 for unlimited sites.

Official Website

26. SecondLine Themes

SecondLine Themes

SecondLine Themes makes premium themes for one specific niche — podcasters! Because the themes are only focused on this one area, they offer great podcast-specific features, such as eye-catching audio players and episode lists.

Currently, SecondLine Themes offers five premium podcast-focused themes. You can purchase individual themes for $69 or you can get access to all themes for $139 (one year) or $389 (lifetime access).

Official Website

27. ProteusThemes


Proteus Themes makes 21+ WordPress themes, but is probably best known for its WoonderShop WooCommerce theme.

WoonderShop is a conversion-focused eCommerce theme that offers a number of different styles, including an Amazon-like design.

While Proteus Themes does offer a few free themes, most themes are premium-only and cost $67 each for use on a single site. Or, you can get a bundle of all 21+ themes for $149, which allows use on unlimited websites.

Official Website

28. Themeisle


Themeisle is another much-loved WordPress theme shop, renowned for its gorgeous designs and top-quality coding.

While Themeisle used to have a number of different themes, the Themeisle team has since pared down the list to focus on just a few flagship themes, with the main focus being its Neve theme. Each theme comes with a variety of different importable demo sites, though.

All of the themes have free versions that you can use, as well as pro versions with more features. The premium versions start at $99 each at full price, but you can usually get a $30 discount for the first year.

Official Website — (See Deals)

29. 17th Avenue

17th Avenue

As with Bluchic, 17th Avenue is a theme shop with a focus on female business owners, and is a great option for creative entrepreneurs and lifestyle bloggers. All of the themes have a lifestyle aesthetic, with creative fonts and lots of white space.

Currently, 17th Avenue offers 21+ themes, ranging in price from $49 (for older releases) to $149 (for newer releases). However, most of the themes cost $69 or less.

You can also purchase a Premium Theme Package, which helps you to get up and running with bundled installation and setup, as well as some custom design work. This package costs $399+, depending on the theme.

Official Website

30. The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry makes WordPress themes for publishers, such as news or magazine websites. The company is known for the quality of its code, its modern designs and its helpful video tutorials. More recently, it has integrated professional-grade Typekit fonts with its themes, ensuring the text on your site looks bold, sharp and striking.

The Theme Foundry also offers a flagship drag-and-drop theme called Make.

You can purchase all 12 ‘regular’ Theme Foundry themes for $150 for a yearly license or $500 for a lifetime license.

If you want the flagship Make theme, it will cost you $150 for a yearly license or $800 for a lifetime license.

Official Website

31. Anders Norén

Anders Noren

Anders Norén isn’t a theme company per se — he’s a freelance designer. But Anders gets a place on this list because, in his spare time, he makes some of the most popular free WordPress themes in existence.

In fact, Anders was also the person who designed the default Twenty Twenty theme, which shipped with WordPress 5.0. Then, he came back again and helped out with Twenty Twenty-Three, which was released with WordPress 5.3.

If you like clean, minimal themes and you’re on a tight budget, Anders’ collection is a great place to begin your search. He offers 28+ free themes that have collectively racked up more than 4 million downloads.

Many of the newer themes have also embraced Full-Site Editing to let you build your site using blocks.

Official Website

32. ThemeTrust


If you’re looking for timeless designs, look no further than ThemeTrust for your next WordPress theme. It uses beautifully clean and minimalist designs, which look impressively stylish.

With no overly flashy design elements competing for attention, this philosophy puts your content as the focal point — whether written word or beautiful images.

While ThemeTrust used to offer more than 20 themes, the ThemeTrust team have since cut that down to just four quality themes. Each theme costs $58.

Official Website

33. Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie has been making themes for more than a decade, and, over that time, it has amassed a collection of more than 60 different themes covering a range of niches, from podcasts to churches, schools, real estate firms and more.

Its team of developers is tasked with creating unique themes that play on minimalist design concepts. However there’s also a multipurpose element to its themes, with each one offering versatile grids and a range of layouts. To get you started in the minimum amount of time, every theme ships with one-click dummy content import.

You can get access to all 60+ themes for one low price — you’ll pay $99 for one year of access or $199 for lifetime access. Theme Junkie also regularly runs huge promotions, such as offering 75% off all bundles. Given that, it’s likely you can snag all of the themes for $24 (one year) or $49 (lifetime).

Official Website

34. Restored 316

Restored 316

This is another theme shop targeted at female entrepreneurs: Restored 316.

You can expect highly professional designs, but with small creative touches that ensure your site stands out from the crowd and appeals to your target demographic.

One unique detail about Restored 316 is that the shop now builds all of its themes as child themes for the free Kadence Theme. This lets you access the flexibility and reliability of Kadence Theme, but with pre-made designs.

In total, Restored 316 offers 21+ themes that you can purchase individually. The theme prices range from $129 to $199 each depending on the theme.

Again, you do not need to pay for the premium version of Kadence Theme. All of Restored 316’s themes work with the free version of Kadence Theme at

Official Website

35. Artisan Themes

Artisan Themes

Artisan Themes offers a small collection of high-quality themes, with five different themes on offer.

You can easily customize all of the themes thanks to its modular approach, and you can mix-and-match 27+ modules as needed to customize the theme’s layouts to match your needs.

All of the themes also include a number of different starter sites to help you to quickly get up and running with a quality layout. For example, the Pepper+ theme (one of the most popular options) includes 13+ pre-built starter sites for creatives, restaurants, agencies, coaches, and more.

You can purchase individual themes in two different packages:

  • $129 for just the theme.
  • $389 for the ‘Deluxe Package’, which includes theme installation by the Artisan Themes team as well as site optimization and a 45-minute strategy call.

Otherwise, you can purchase access to all of the themes for $439.

FAQs about WordPress Theme Companies

To finish this list, let’s go over a few common questions you may have about WordPress themes and theme shops.

What is the most popular WordPress theme?

Astra is the most popular non-default WordPress theme of all time. Other popular non-default themes include Hello Elementor, OceanWP, Avada and GeneratePress.

Why do some WordPress theme companies only offer one or two themes?

Over the past few years, the WordPress theme space has shifted from offering dozens of niche-specific themes to offering just one or two multipurpose themes with lots of importable starter sites. This is why a lot of theme shops have moved to only offering a small number of themes.

Should I use a multipurpose theme or a niche-specific theme?

While there’s no hard rule here, most people have shifted to using multipurpose themes such as Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP or Kadence Theme, regardless of what niche their site is. All of these themes offer tons of importable starter sites and are flexible enough for any use case.

Is it safe to use free themes?

As long as you choose free themes from a reputable developer (such as the ones on this list), it is absolutely safe to use free themes. Quality free themes are just as reliable and secure as paid themes.

Which theme shop offers the best free themes?

If you’re searching for the best WordPress theme developer, consider the multipurpose themes such as Astra, GeneratePress, Kadence Theme and OceanWP. Or, if you don’t like the multipurpose approach, Anders Norén makes some excellent free WordPress themes.

Find the Perfect WordPress Theme Today

In the end, choosing the right WordPress theme for your website will depend on your niche, your feature needs, your preferred design aesthetic and your budget.

With 35+ quality theme companies to choose from, you should have no problem finding an excellent theme that matches your needs.

If you want my personal recommendation, I think you should start by looking at the lightweight multipurpose theme developers such as Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, Kadence Theme and Neve (from Themeisle).

Despite being just ‘one theme’, each of these includes dozens or hundreds of pre-built starter sites to choose from, so you’re actually getting access to a lot of flexibility.

Plus, they’re coded well and built to help you to create a fast-loading website, which is essential in 2023 and beyond.

However, that’s just my opinion. All of the providers on this list are quality options, so you should explore and find the theme shop that’s right for you.

Used/using themes from any of these? Thoughts?

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