Under The Hood!

Curious to find out which tools and services we’ve chosen to use on this very site? Below is a list of how we roll – a kind of WordPress blogging blueprint, if you will:

Flywheel Web Hosting

Flywheel (web hosting)

by: Flywheel

Originally powered by DreamHost, then Media Temple, we’re now running on Flywheel’s [pretty darn awesome] managed WordPress hosting — read more about the switch here!
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Jetpack (plugin)

by: Automattic

From added security to displaying related posts, there’s a whole array of reasons to use this incredible plugin – for more on what it can do, take a look at this earlier post of ours.
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Akismet (plugin)

by: Automattic

Like millions of others, we use Akismet to block comment and trackback spam — allowing us to, as the official Akismet website says: “focus on more important things”. Set it up and let it run. Simple!
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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (plugin)

by: Joost de Valk

We started off with the famous All in one SEO Pack, but then moved to Joost de Valk’s ‘Yoast SEO’ because, well, it’s awesome (highly recommended)!
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Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms (plugin)

by: Rocketgenius

When it comes to forms, many will agree that Gravity Forms is one of the most powerful, reliable and easiest to implement form systems out there — it really is rather good!
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Sucuri (service)

by: Sucuri

WordPress is an inherently secure system. That said, nothing is ever truly foolproof, which is why we employ Sucuri to watch our backs for us — better safe than sorry, as the saying goes…
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VaultPress (plugin)

by: Automattic

Not having a backup is asking for trouble — our hosts make regular daily backups automatically, however, for extra peace-of-mind… we also back things up with VaultPress.
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Monarch - by Elegant Themes

Monarch (plugin)

by: Elegant Themes

At the top and bottom of all of our blog posts you’ll see a set of circular social sharing buttons – all of which are generated and controlled by this superb plugin.
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Relevanssi (plugin)

by: Mikko Saari

One of the things that the WordPress core falls a bit flat with, is search. Still, not to worry, because that’s what plugins are for — we use Relevanssi for both its reliability and its vast array of options!
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WooSidebars (plugin)

by: WooThemes

WooSidebars lets us take control which sidebars (and thereby which widgets) appear on which pages — it really is a stroke of genius. Woo – we love you!
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Disqus Comment System

Disqus (plugin)

by: Disqus

The default WordPress commenting system leaves a lot to be desired, Disqus, on the other hand, doesn’t! Our commenting system is powered entirely by Disqus — we love it!
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Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

Google Analytics by. . . (plugin)

by: Chris Christoff & Syed Balkhi

We use Google Analytics by MonsterInsights primarily to help us keep track of things and improve: to find out where our traffic comes from and for insights into how they interact with the site.
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MailChimp (service)

by: MailChimp

We use MailChimp to help us design, send and track newsletters — as well as to manage newsletter subscriptions and lists. Simple to use and above all: great fun (their site is full of humor)!
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Redirection (plugin)

by: John Godley

We use redirection primarily for shortening, tracking and cleaning up links to other sites — especially when those links are great big long affiliate links.
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Themify Announcement Bar

Themify Announcement Bar (plugin)

by: Themify

When there’s something super important to announcement, we use Themify’s Announcement Bar plugin to display an attention-grabbing drop-down bar from the top of every page! Easy!
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GTMetrix (service)

by: GTMetrix

We need our website to be fast and do a lot to ensure it always is. How do we monitor and check our site’s speed? Simple: using automated GTMetrix alerts that trigger when page load speeds go over a few seconds!
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Pingdom (service)

by: Pingdom

Uptime is a serious issue for many sites. Instead of blindly assuming things are always fine, make sure they are using an uptime monitoring tool like Pingdom!
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Feedburner (service)

by: Google

Feedburner is the fantastic Google service (although it wasn’t always) that powers our RSS feeds. There’s nothing much wrong with the WordPress default feeds, but Feedburner allows a bit more freedom!
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(note: This is the current list of plugins, tools and services used on WinningWP — as the site changes/evolves, so too will this list)