How to Make a

A complete step-by-step video tutorial
(with no steps skipped!) on how to make a technically superb, professional WordPress
blog — from start to finish.
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How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog 2021

A Complete Guide — Step By Step — And With No Steps Skipped!

After a brief introduction to WordPress, we’ll cover what kind of topics you should blog about.
We’ll share a range of tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect domain — and how to get set up with hosting.
Next comes how to set up your site, i.e., choosing and installing a theme and various essential plugins.
Lastly, we’ll talk you through adding content and making everything look perfect — plus a few other finishing touches.
Example Blog — AudioGrad

The Example Blog

Here's what we'll be building, from start to finish, with no steps skipped: The example blog we'll be creating in the video:
Fully Functional, Clean and Fast!
A professional blog needs to look great, read well, and load quickly!
Fully Responsive
Modern websites/blogs need to look good on all devices.
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What We'll Cover:

Why You Should Use WordPress — And What to Blog About
After a brief introduction to both WordPress and the site we'll be building in the video, we'll cover how to make that all-important decision: What to blog about!
Domains, Hosting, Themes and Plugins
Next, we’ll look at why you need your own domain name, then we’ll cover the various types of hosting available — plus which to choose and why! — before moving on to explore the world of WordPress themes and plugins...
How to Configure and Add Content to Your Site
After installing and setting up your site, next comes navigating the WordPress dashboard and settings, and finally creating posts and pages — i.e., populating your site with all of that great content you've been planning!
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Bonus: 10 Things You'll Immediately Want to Do After Installing WordPress!

Any experienced WordPress installer will tell you there are a set of things they ALWAYS do right after installing WordPress. Here are ten of the most common practices...

Interested in Learning More?

So you're all up and running with WordPress? Congratulations! This isn't where the story ends, though, since a good website needs to managed, monitored, and, above all, kept up to date and constantly improved upon! Plus, when it comes to WordPress, there's always more to learn:

How Do I Get My WordPress Website Listed on Google?

A website is a wonderful thing, but a website with tons of visitors is a heck of a lot better! To help people to find your website, you'll want to be listed on Google — so we'll go through all of the steps required to make that happen!
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How Do I Log in to WordPress?
Forgotten how to log in to WordPress? Or maybe you've just created a WordPress website and now you need to log in for the first time? Fear not — we've got you covered!

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