SiteGround WordPress Hosting Review – Plus Which Hosting Plan To Choose? (2021)

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Over the past few years, SiteGround have built an impressive reputation and become a hosting company that’s well worth considering if you’re looking for affordable high-quality hosting services. Below, we’ll be going into everything they have to offer, and also looking at their three main WordPress hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek — giving a particularly detailed comparison of the StartUp and GoGeek plans.

We performance-tested, measured and monitored the speed of WordPress websites hosted on SiteGround’s StartUp and GoGeek plans (using the extremely popular Avada theme from ThemeForest), and we also used independent ‘Load Impact’ testing services to see just how these sites handled multiple users accessing them at the same time. We then looked at the effect this had on the website/page loading times.

So, should you host with SiteGround? And, if so, which plan should you choose? How much do you need to pay?

Let’s dive in…

About the StartUp and GoGeek Plans

If you’re looking to host your WordPress website with a reliable host, as our previous hosting comparisons have shown, SiteGround are a great choice. But, with a few important differences between the plans — not to mention their different price points — you may be wondering whether you should choose the StartUp or GoGeek plan for your website. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

SiteGround Hosting Plans Reviewed

While the StartUp plan is the entry-level managed WordPress hosting plan from SiteGround, GoGeek is the more powerful and expensive option. There’s also a mid-range GrowBig plan that sits between StartUp and GoGeek.

StartUp vs GoGeek Pricing

Although price shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a hosting plan, your budget is likely to play a large role in your decision. So, with that in mind, here are the prices and details of the StartUp and GoGeek plans.

SiteGround Pricing Plans

These are the key details of the managed WordPress hosting plans from SiteGround.

For reference, the details of the mid-level GrowBig plan are also included alongside the entry-level StartUp and top-level GoGeek plans:

  • StartUp: $6.99* a month for one website, 10 GB of web space, and ~ 10,000 monthly visits.
  • GrowBig: $9.99* a month for unlimited websites, 20 GB of web space, and ~ 25,000 monthly visits.
  • GoGeek: $14.99* a month for unlimited websites, 40 GB of web space, and ~ 100,000 monthly visits.

As you can see, if you want to host more than one website on your account, you’ll need to look beyond the entry-level StartUp plan. Also, as well as the allowances listed above, the GoGeek plan includes some additional useful features and tools, while also providing you with greater resources to improve the performance of your website.

Websites hosted on the top-level plan also get access to extra levels of caching — further positioning the GoGeek plan as a potentially good choice for those seeking a fast-loading website on a budget. However, the test results you’ll see later in this comparison will show whether or not paying more actually does get you a faster website.

With SiteGround, there aren’t any data transfer — also known as bandwidth — limits. Instead, the number of monthly visits your site receives is used as a reference point to help you to choose the right plan according to your traffic levels. However, although there are no limits on bandwidth and number of visits, there are other limits in place.

These limits and allocations are covered in more detail later on in the WordPress Optimized Hosting section of this review, but, to summarize, they cover the inode usage (the number of files or folders on your account), which you can track yourself through your account area.

Now, let’s explore exactly what you get access to with the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek plans — and what their main differences are.

*Note: The prices listed are special introductory rates for new customers. The special prices are applicable for your initial invoice only. For all subsequent renewals, regular prices apply.

What the StartUp and GoGeek Plans Have to Offer

As the StartUp and GoGeek plans are advertised as managed WordPress hosting, this means that — among other things — you get access to web servers that are optimized for WordPress websites, as well as some extra features to help you to set up and manage a safe and secure WordPress site.

We’ll now explore the features of these plans — and their differences — to help you to decide whether StartUp or GoGeek is right for you.

WordPress-Optimized Google Cloud Hosting

Google Cloud Hosting

SiteGround now host websites on the StartUp and GoGeek plan on the Google Cloud platform.

In early 2020, SiteGround announced they’d start using the Google Cloud platform to host part of the infrastructure, including their StartUp and GoGeek managed WordPress hosting plans. The websites of all new customers are hosted on the Google Cloud platform, with existing sites being gradually moved over to the new platform.

There are many benefits of hosting websites in the cloud, including:

  • easier scaling and resource management for faster loading times
  • distributed storage for improved uptime
  • chance to leverage the state-of-the-art Google Cloud infrastructure for better performance
  • more choice of data center locations to enable you to better serve your visitors
  • improved sustainability, thanks to the commitment of Google to carbon neutrality.

SiteGround will continue to optimize their hosting environment for WordPress websites, even as they now use the Google Cloud platform for their infrastructure. Because of this, you can take advantage of the expertise SiteGround have gathered from 15 years of hosting WordPress websites, combined with the power of the Google Cloud.

However, there are some differences in the type of server and database resources you’re allocated, depending on whether you choose the GoGeek or StartUp plan.

Server Resources

The hosting plan you choose also dictates what server and database resources your website will have access to.

(click to enlarge)

Some of the differences in resource allocation between the StartUp and GoGeek plans include:

  • Simultaneous server process: StartUp ten vs GoGeek 30.
  • Inodes: StartUp 150,000 vs GoGeek 450,000.
  • Database size: StartUp 500 MB vs GoGeek 1,000 MB.
  • Database queries: StartUp up to 10% of server resources vs GoGeek up to 30% of server resources.

Although not always the case when comparing numbers, for the above figures, higher is better. With more server resources available to your website, alongside the other performance-related features of the GoGeek plan, you can expect faster loading times from SiteGround’s top-level managed WordPress hosting plan, compared with their lower-priced offerings.

You can track how much of your resources, such as the inodes, you’re using through your SiteGround account area. Doing so is a good idea because if you exceed your allowance your website could be taken offline until you’ve worked with SiteGround support to resolve whatever issue caused the consumption of resources. SiteGround will email you if you reach 90 percent of your total limit, but, because of the potential consequences of exceeding the limit, keeping an eye on your stats is recommended.

WordPress Website Migration

Another good reason to choose SiteGround is, if you already have a self-hosted WordPress website you’d like to move, the process of migrating a WordPress site from another host is very straightforward.

SiteGround Migrator WordPress Plugin

The free-to-use migration plugin makes it easy to transfer a WordPress website to SiteGround.

To simplify the process, you can use the free SiteGround Migrator plugin  to transfer your WordPress website. Alternatively, you can pay SiteGround $30 and they will transfer your site for you.

Migration Plugin Results

Transferring a WordPress website with the SiteGround Migrator plugin is very straightforward.

(click to enlarge)

Migrating a WordPress website with the SiteGround plugin only involves a few straightforward steps, so everyone should be able to complete the process themselves. However, if you’d like the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone experienced has migrated your site for you and checked everything has been transferred correctly, the paid migration service might be more appealing.

Automated WordPress Website Backups

As mentioned earlier, the managed WordPress hosting plans from SiteGround include automatic daily website backups. So, if something goes wrong with your site, you’ll have access to a full backup that’s no more than 24 hours old.

SiteGround Website Backups

With SiteGround, you can restore the entire site yourself, or just the database or files.

(click to enlarge)

You can also create backups on demand, such as before installing a new plugin, on the GoGeek (and GrowBig) plan, but not the entry-level StartUp plan. However, it is possible to purchase the ability to create a single backup on the StartUp plan as and when needed.

Restore Backup Files

When restoring the file backup, you can select which files to restore.

(click to enlarge)

Thankfully, unlike some other web hosts, SiteGround don’t have a list of prohibited WordPress plugins. This means you’re free to install your own choice of WordPress backup plugin, and create backups on your own terms.

WordPress Website Updates

A key aspect of maintaining a safe and secure WordPress website is keeping the WordPress software up to date. Thankfully, as part of their managed WordPress hosting service, SiteGround will take care of this for you. The SiteGround WordPress autoupdate manager also gives you the option of enabling automatic plugin updates, taking another job off your hands.

WordPress Auto Updates

The WordPress Auto Update Manager gives you some control over when the WordPress software is automatically updated.

(click to enlarge)

For extra convenience, your WordPress website will be automatically backed up before any updates are applied, giving you the ability to roll back to a previous state should something go wrong.

WordPress Website Caching

To help to improve the speed of your website, SiteGround have created a custom WordPress caching plugin — SG Optimizer — that lets you manage the caching of your websites from inside the WordPress Dashboard. The plugin is installed on new SiteGround-hosted WordPress websites by default, and it includes an easy-to-use interface for controlling how your website’s optimized.

SiteGround SG Optimizer Plugin

The SiteGround Optimizer plugin delivers lots of functionality through a user-friendly interface.

(click to enlarge)

The SiteGround caching tool gives you a lot of control over how this technology is applied to your website, comparing favorably with some of the best premium caching plugins for WordPress.

Through the plugin interface, it’s also possible to enable other performance-related features, such as browser caching and GZIP compression, as well as optimizing the front end of your website through minification of the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. Image optimization and lazy loading of images are options, too.

SG Optimizer Plugin Frontend Settings

Features such as image optimization, file minification and lazy loading can be enabled through the SG Optimizer interface.

(click to enlarge)

When it comes to the type of caching that’ll be available to your website, customers on the mid- and top-level GrowBig and GoGeek plans get access to the WordPress Special Cache feature, while those on the entry-level StartUp plan don’t. There’s also the proprietary SuperCacher technology in place that aims to increase the number of hits a site can handle at the same time, while also boosting overall speed.

Pricing Plan Caching Options

The hosting plan you choose will dictate which type of website caching you get access to.

(click to enlarge)

All this caching jargon can be confusing, but, hopefully, this breakdown of the three levels of caching of the SiteGround SuperCacher gives you an overview of the main differences between the plans:

  • Level 1: Static content cache (all plans).
  • Level 2: Dynamic data cache, both powered by NGINX (GrowBig and GoGeek plans).
  • Level 3: Database queries results cache, running on Memcached (GrowBig and GoGeek plans).

The site speed test results section of this comparison should give you a better idea of the impact of the different levels of caching.

WordPress Website Staging Tool

A staging version of your website lets you safely test the latest version of WordPress, edit code and make other changes — without putting the live site at risk or disrupting the user experience of your visitors. Only the GrowBig and GoGeek plans include this functionality.

Creating and managing a staging environment takes place through the account area on the SiteGround website, and, during the testing for this review, everything worked as expected.

Create Staging Site

Only the top-level GoGeek and mid-level GrowBig plans include access to the WordPress website staging tool.

(click to enlarge)

When you’re ready, you can automatically push the entire staging site to your live hosting environment, or, instead, choose which elements of your test site to transfer. If you don’t want to transfer the entire test site, the SiteGround staging tool will helpfully display the tables of the staging site database that you’ve changed.

Staging Site Custom Deploy

The SiteGround staging tool lets you choose which changes to push to your live site.

(click to enlarge)

You can then choose which of those tables to push to the live site. Because of this functionality, you have the option of, for example, only transferring the table that contains the site settings, without overwriting any other parts of your live site, such as the posts or user comments.

For extra safety, a full backup of your live site is automatically created before you push the changes from the staging environment.

Manage Staging Sites

Creation and management of the staging environments takes place in the SiteGround account area.

(click to enlarge)

If you’d like a safe space where you can try out new plugins or experiment with different theme settings and code snippets, the staging tool is another good reason to choose the GoGeek or GrowBig plans over the StartUp plan.

SiteGround Email Service

All of the SiteGround managed WordPress hosting plans include an email service that allows you to create unlimited addresses and inboxes for your domains, such as or

You can send and receive emails through three of the most popular web-based mail clients, including RoundCube and SquirrelMail, enabling you to access your email accounts from any computer with an internet connection. Alternatively, you can configure a service such as Gmail or Outlook to send and receive messages using your website domain email address.

SiteGround Email Account Management

All SiteGround plans include the ability to create unlimited email addresses and inboxes for your domain.

(click to enlarge)

Although all plans include access to the SiteGround email service, the GoGeek plan has a larger mailbox capacity and a few other increased allowances compared with the StartUp plan.

Even some of the best premium managed WordPress hosts that cost over twice the price of the StartUp and GoGeek plans don’t include an email service, so it’s great to see this available for all SiteGround customers.

Technical Details Overview

This section of our comparison gives you a quick overview of the main technical details and differences between these two hosting plans:

  • Website caching: In-house SuperCache service with limited caching available on the StartUp plan and all levels of caching available on the GoGeek plan. Management of site caching and optimization provided via in-house WordPress plugin.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): All SiteGround WordPress hosting plans include optional integration with a free CDN plan from Cloudflare, with the ability to upgrade to a paid plan or choose your own CDN provider.
  • PHP: Ability to switch between PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 from the SiteGround account area.
  • HTTP/2.0: In use on the servers and the CDN.
  • SSL: Use the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, import your own certificate, or purchase a different certificate through SiteGround.
  • SFTP: Ability to create multiple Secure FTP accounts to access your web space for uploading and editing files.
  • Server file manager: Online browser-based file manager accessed via SiteGround account area.
  • Database access: phpMyAdmin is used to access the WordPress website database through a browser.
  • Email service: Email service on all SiteGround shared hosting plans, with largest mailbox size on GoGeek plan.
  • WordPress website management: Auto-updater tool that keeps the WordPress software and plugins (optional) up to date with the ability to delay individual updates.
  • Plugin restrictions: No list of disallowed plugins, unlike some managed WordPress hosts.
  • Security measures: Websites are scanned for malware and other security issues by SiteGround. Additional protection available through the paid SG Site Scanner add-on.
  • Post-hack clean-up services: SiteGround won’t help to clean up your site if it gets hacked, but will refer you to Sucuri.
  • Data center locations: Choice of six server locations in the UK, EU, Asia, and the US.
  • Staging sites: The top-level GoGeek plan includes a useful staging tool, but the StartUp plan doesn’t.
  • WordPress website migration: The free SiteGround Migrator plugin makes it easy to transfer a WordPress website to SiteGround, or you can pay $30 for the migration service.
  • Uptime checks and guarantee: SiteGround monitor their servers for downtime but don’t check the status of the sites they host. SiteGround guarantee a network uptime of 99.9% on an annual basis (which allows for around 8h 45m of downtime per year), with hosting credits offered if uptime falls below 99.9%.
  • Support channels: The support desk is staffed 24/7, with live chat, telephone and ticket channels available on all plans. Support issues raised by GoGeek customers are given priority over StartUp (and GrowBig) customers for faster turnaround times, although StartUp customers can upgrade to Premium Support for an extra monthly fee.

You can view all of the differences between the StartUp and GoGeek hosting plans on the plan comparison page of the SiteGround website.

User Experience

As the StartUp and GoGeek plans are managed WordPress hosting services, it should come as no surprise to learn that creating a WordPress website on your account is very straightforward. In fact, thanks to the new account wizard, you can opt to have WordPress automatically installed during the signup process.

Not only that, but new WordPress installations at SiteGround now include the in-house WordPress Starter plugin that aims to simplify the process of setting up a new site. Once you log in to your new WordPress website, the Starter tool will help you to choose a theme for your site.

WordPress Website Starter

The SiteGround WordPress Starter lets you choose from a selection of free and paid themes from a range of sources.

(click to enlarge)

Once you’ve chosen a theme, or elected to stick with the current default Twenty Twenty theme, you have the option of enabling some essential features, such as a contact form, ecommerce functionality and the Jetpack suite of tools.

Plugin Recommendations

You can also add some useful features to your WordPress website through the Starter.

(click to enlarge)

The third and final step of the WordPress Starter gives you the opportunity to enable some marketing-related extensions, including an SEO plugin and an analytics plugins. After this, WordPress will be installed according to your specifications and will be ready for you to log in to.

Custom WordPress Dashboard

The SiteGround enhanced WordPress experience doesn’t end there, though. When you log in to your new website, you’ll see that a custom dashboard has been created to make it easier to find the most-used features of WordPress, such as the content creation sections and design settings.

SiteGround Custom WordPress Dashboard

SiteGround-hosted WordPress websites have an optional custom dashboard.

(click to enlarge)

There are also links to useful support content on the SiteGround site, should you need any assistance. If you’re not a fan of the custom SiteGround WordPress Dashboard, you can easily switch to the default version at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the Starter tool, you can take care of the essentials, such as choosing a theme, adding a contact form or enabling an SEO plugin, all in one go, without having to leave your WordPress Dashboard. Of course, you can change the themes and plugins later. However, when it comes to getting up and running, the Starter makes it easy to launch a new WordPress website in just a few steps.

Although most web hosts now take care of installing WordPress for you, not all of them are as helpful as the SiteGround Starter tool when it comes to setting up your new website.

Creating Additional WordPress Websites

If you’ve chosen the GoGeek plan, with the ability to create unlimited WordPress websites (storage allowance permitting), then you can create a new WordPress installation in just a few clicks through your SiteGround account area.

To do so, simply log in to your SiteGround account area, click on the Add New Website button, and then follow the steps to create a new WordPress website.

Create New Website

SiteGround make it easy to create additional WordPress installations on your account.

(click to enlarge)

You can then choose which domain or subdomain to install WordPress on and provide the login details for the new site.

Setting Up the Caching Plugin

Once you’ve taken care of the essentials, you can start optimizing your site through the SiteGround Optimizer plugin control panel from inside your WordPress Dashboard.

We’ve already covered the main functionality of the SG Optimizer plugin, and the different ways it can optimize your site, in the WordPress Website Caching section of this comparison. However, one useful extra feature of this tool that’s worth highlighting is the ability to switch between the available PHP versions directly from inside your WordPress Dashboard.

Set PHP Version

The SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek plans have lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing a PHP version.

(click to enlarge)

As mentioned, SiteGround users can choose from an impressive range of PHP versions, ensuring maximum compatibility with plugins old and new.

In addition to this, you can purge the cache at any point by clicking on the handy link on the WordPress admin toolbar or inside the SG Optimizer dashboard. So, although the plugin will refresh the cache automatically each time site content is modified, you can manually flush the cache as needed, such as when testing new plugins or theme settings.

Cache Plugin Settings

Defining URLs to exclude from being cached is just one feature of the SiteGround caching tool.

(click to enlarge)

Activating the Free Cloudflare CDN Service

As well as caching, another way to help to improve the speed of your website on all plans — including StartUp and GoGeek — is access to a content delivery network via a free plan from Cloudflare. This optional integration with Cloudflare can be activated through the SiteGround account area. Once activated, the CDN is managed through the SiteGround account portal, giving you control over which aspects of your website are optimized in this way.

SiteGround CDN Settings

All SiteGround hosting plans include optional integration with the free Cloudflare CDN service.

(click to enlarge)

As well as opting to upgrade to the paid Cloudflare CDN service, you can also use your own choice of CDN instead. If you have people from around the world visiting your site, using a CDN is a great way to ensure all visitors experience similar loading times, no matter where they’re based.

Thanks to the free Cloudflare CDN integration, SiteGround make it very easy to enable this performance-enhancing feature.

As you can see, there are a few steps involved in setting up and optimizing your WordPress website. However, SiteGround have done a good job of making the process as easy as possible, while still providing access to some advanced features and services, such as a CDN and multiple levels of caching and optimization.

Accessing the WordPress Database and File Server

When it comes to managing the files that make up your website and its underlying database, SiteGround provide you with full access. In addition to using your choice of FTP client to log in to your server space, you can also use the custom online file manager that’s available through the SiteGround account area.

SiteGround File Manager

As well as accessing the server via FTP software, you can also use the SiteGround File Manager.

(click to enlarge)

Accessing the database is just as straightforward — again, thanks to software (this time phpMyAdmin) that’s accessible through the SiteGround account area.

phpMyAdmin Database Access

The database for your WordPress website can be easily accessed through the phpMyAdmin web-based interface.

(click to enlarge)

If you ever need to delete or edit a theme or plugin file, change your WordPress admin password after being locked out of your site or carry out some other, similar task, then having this level of server and database access is invaluable.

After a recent update to the SiteGround account area, customers no longer get access to cPanel and its tools. However, many, if not all, of the same features that were available through cPanel are now available via the new SiteGround account area, often in much easier-to-use formats. Overall, the migration away from cPanel to an in-house site and account management platform feels like a positive move. Because of the way the new customer area works, this is especially true if you’re hosting multiple sites with SiteGround, as you can manage them all from one location.

That pretty much covers the experience of using the SiteGround hosting service to set up and manage a WordPress website. As you can see, the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek managed WordPress plans are ideal for both those who are new to WordPress and power users alike.

StartUp and GoGeek Performance Compared

As we’ve just covered, the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek plans have lots of features that aim to increase the performance of your WordPress website, as well as a few differences in the performance enhancement levels of each plan.

So, to help you to decide whether the top-level SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan is best for your website or whether the lower-priced StartUp plan will suffice, we created some WordPress websites and then tested their performance.

First up, the speed of our test sites were recorded to see how quickly they loaded on average over a seven-day period. Then, we used a load simulator to find out how websites on the StartUp and GoGeek plans performed when multiple visitors were accessing them at the same time. We also monitored the uptime of the test sites to see how our experience compared with the SiteGround 99.9% network uptime guarantee.

Let’s start with a look at the loading times…

Loading Time Test Results

To get a fuller picture of what sort of loading times you may experience if you choose the StartUp or GoGeek hosting plans from SiteGround, we recorded the speed of a WordPress website using a lightweight WordPress theme, as well as a second site using a more demanding feature-rich multipurpose alternative.

The paid Pingdom service was used to monitor the speed of the websites, with the loading times recorded at 30-minute intervals over a seven-day period. First up is a comparison of the StartUp and GoGeek plans using a simple free WordPress theme.

Lightweight Theme Speed Test Results

The current default theme that’s activated on new WordPress websites is the free Twenty Twenty theme from the team. It’s a good example of a basic lightweight theme that many new WordPress website owners may use.

Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme

The free Twenty Twenty theme was used to see how well SiteGround could host a site using a lightweight theme.

(click to enlarge)

So, to give you an idea of what loading times you can expect if you choose this theme or a similar no-frills option, here are the results from our seven days of monitoring the StartUp and GoGeek-hosted sites with Pingdom:

Pingdom Twenty Twenty Summary

The test site hosted on the StartUp plan loaded in an average of 943 milliseconds, while the GoGeek-hosted site was faster, with an average of 768 milliseconds.

(click to enlarge)

As you can see, the site hosted on the more expensive GoGeek plan was faster than the site hosted on the entry-level StartUp plan.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the loading times over the seven-day period recorded by Pingdom:

SiteGround StartUp Plan Loading Times with Twenty Twenty theme

The loading times of the WordPress website hosted on the StartUp plan using the Twenty Twenty theme.

(click to enlarge)

Over the seven-day period, Pingdom recorded an average loading time of 943 ms for the site hosted on the StartUp plan using the lightweight Twenty Twenty theme.

SiteGround GoGeek Loading Times with Twenty Twenty theme

The loading times of the WordPress website hosted on the GoGeek plan using the Twenty Twenty theme.

(click to enlarge)

Multipurpose Theme Speed Test Results

Although free lightweight themes, such as Twenty Twenty, are ideal for basic blogs, there’s a good chance you’ll opt for a more feature-rich multipurpose WordPress theme for your website. Because of their enhanced functionality and versatility, these themes tend to have larger file sizes that can cause websites to load more slowly, compared with a lightweight theme.

So, to give you an idea of the loading times you might expect if you choose a feature-rich multipurpose theme, we also compared the loading times of two test sites on the StartUp and GoGeek plans with the best-selling Avada theme activated.

Avada WordPress Theme

The Avada theme and its Agency demo were used for our site speed tests.

(click to enlarge)

To test the StartUp and GoGeek loading times with the Avada theme, the Agency demo was used on both sites.

Multipurpose themes, such as Avada, often come with a varied selection of pre-built website demos; for our tests, we imported the Avada Agency demo on both sites. Here’s a quick summary of the results from Pingdom, followed by a more detailed breakdown of the loading times of both sites:

Pingdom Avada Summary

When it came to using a feature-rich WordPress theme with a larger file size, the GoGeek-hosted site was close to half a second faster than the site on the StartUp plan.

(click to enlarge)

When using a heavyweight theme, the overall loading times of the test sites increased, making the difference in performance between the StartUp and GoGeek plans more pronounced.

SiteGround StartUp Plan Avada Theme Loading Times

Over a seven-day period, the Avada Agency homepage loaded in an average time of 2.71 seconds when hosted on the StartUp plan.

(click to enlarge)

As expected, with a large page size of 6.47 MB — compared with 149 KB for the Twenty Twenty theme — the Avada theme homepage took longer to load, with Pingdom recording a seven-day average of 2.71 seconds for the site on the StartUp plan.

SiteGround GoGeek Avada Theme Loading Times

The homepage of the site using the Avada Agency demo hosted on the GoGeek plan loaded in an average of 2.29 seconds.

(click to enlarge)

The homepage of the site hosted on the GoGeek plan loaded in 2.29 seconds on average, compared with 2.71 seconds for the site hosted on the StartUp plan. This difference in speed between the two plans appears to show that the more feature-rich or greater the size of your site, the more it will benefit from being hosted on the higher-tier GoGeek plan.

Summary of the Loading Times

SiteGround Loading Time Summary

A summary of the SiteGround loading times recorded by Pingdom.

(click to enlarge)

These site speed test results suggest that, regardless of whether you decide to use a lightweight theme without many extra widgets or features, or opt for a heavyweight theme with sliders and large images, you’ll enjoy faster loading times by choosing the SiteGround GoGeek plan over the cheaper StartUp plan.

Load Impact Performance Testing

The page speed tests of the WordPress websites hosted on the SiteGround StartUp and GoGeek plans were carried out on test sites that didn’t receive any visitors. So, although they do give you a good idea of how the performance of these two plans compares, they don’t tell the full story.

Therefore, to give you a better idea of which plan is the right hosting choice for your website, we also carried out some load testing. By running paid tests from the Load Impact service, we were able to simulate multiple users visiting each website at the same time to see how they handled an increasingly heavy user load.

For the tests, the loading times of a blog post on the StartUp and GoGeek-hosted WordPress websites using the Avada theme were monitored by Load Impact. During the test, the number of virtual users accessing the page being monitored increased over a five-minute period, until there were 200 virtual users accessing the page at the same time.

Here are the results from the Load Impact tests for the two sites…

StartUp Plan Load Impact Test Results

According to the Load Impact test results, the SiteGround entry-level StartUp plan did a good job of hosting the WordPress website with the heavyweight Avada theme installed.

Load Impact test of StartUp

In the Load Impact test, the site hosted on the SiteGround StartUp plan remained responsive until around 130 virtual users were accessing it.

(click to enlarge)

As the blue line on the graph above shows, the response times were a little erratic as the number of simultaneous virtual users increased. However, it wasn’t until the number of simultaneous virtual users reached around 130 that the site became unresponsive.

So, if you don’t expect more than 130 visitors to be accessing your site at the same time on a regular basis, then the StartUp plan should be able to handle your audience without much difficulty.

For more information on how the StartUp-hosted site performed, you can view the test results on the Load Impact website.

GoGeek Plan Load Impact Test Results

Although the StartUp-hosted site seemed pretty robust when up to 130 virtual users were accessing it at the same time, the WordPress website on the GoGeek plan was even more stable.

Load Impact test of GoGeek plan

In this Load Impact test, the site hosted on the SiteGround GoGeek plan remained responsive until the end of the test, when 199 virtual users were accessing it.

(click to enlarge)

As the blue line on the graph above from Load Impact shows, the speed of the test site hosted on the GoGeek plan wasn’t negatively affected during the entire test, even when 199 virtual users were accessing it at the same time.

Therefore, if you’d like your WordPress website to be able to handle large numbers of users or surges in traffic, the GoGeek plan would be a good investment.

To see for yourself how the GoGeek-hosted website performed, you can view the test results on the Load Impact website.

Uptime Results

High levels of uptime are just as (if not more) important than fast loading times. After all, if your site’s not available, then it doesn’t matter how fast it loads when it’s online. So, with that in mind, we also monitored our test sites for downtime using the Pingdom uptime checker.

Pingdom Uptime Results

During seven days of monitoring, only one of the sites experienced any downtime, and that was only for one minute.

(click to enlarge)

As the results from Pingdom show, only one out of the four test sites experienced downtime during the seven days of monitoring and, even then, the amount of uptime never dropped below the level of 99.9% guaranteed by SiteGround.

Overall, our test websites hosted by SiteGround were easy to set up and performed well under pressure, with the site on the GoGeek plan remaining very stable when experiencing a heavy load.

Final Thoughts

Our tests of the StartUp and GoGeek plans make it clear that SiteGround are indeed a high-quality yet budget-friendly host.

Those new to WordPress will appreciate the user-friendliness of the SiteGround experience. Although there’s no cPanel access anymore, power users can still carry out tasks such as file editing and database management via the new SiteGround account area. Other features, such as the staging tool of the GoGeek plan, are easy to use, too. In fact, when it comes to features and functionality, the SiteGround plans compare favorably with many of the much more expensive premium managed WordPress hosting companies.

However, as our comparison of SiteGround and WP Engine shows, the lower-priced plans from SiteGround aren’t as fast as those from WP Engine. (Note: For those who don’t know, WP Engine are regarded as one of the higher-end — albeit also more expensive — managed WordPress hosting services.) But, unless you’re willing to pay $30 a month or more, SiteGround are a worthy alternative — especially when compared with other low-cost hosts such as GoDaddy or Bluehost.

Overall, choosing SiteGround for your website is highly recommended — especially if you can’t justify the price of an entry-level plan from the likes of Kinsta (read our full review here) or WP Engine. When it comes to whether you should go with the StartUp or GoGeek plan, the faster but more expensive GoGeek is the obvious choice in terms of increased website performance and extra features. However, if your budget can’t accommodate the higher price, the more affordable StartUp plan is a good compromise.

Used/using SiteGround hosting? Opinions? Thoughts?

By Joe Fylan

Joe is an experienced WordPress user who enjoys sharing the tips and knowledge he's picked up from using this fantastic platform for many years. You can find out more about Joe on his website.
Comments (policy)
  1. Jeff Gardner says:

    I accidentally hit 4 stars. It should have been 5+. Sorry about that. The service and attention were both excellent.

  2. Barbara says:

    GREAT service. Solved my WordPress issue on the first contact.

    I am a new WordPress user. I had difficulty accessing the site stats on via Jetpack. I am currently taking a WordPress course and the instructor could not figure out how to solve the issue. The expert on the on-line chat figured it out and walked me through how to fix it.

    I recently switched to SiteGround from another hosting platform when I decided to start using WordPress.

    I am very happy with the service provided by SiteGround. I contacted them on a Sunday and had a fairly quick resolution to my issue.

  3. Javier Diaz says:

    Petar saw the issue immediately and walked me through a solution in little time. Much appreciated his expertise.

  4. Andi says:

    As always amazing service. Very patient and incredibly knowlegable. Every question was answered kindly and politely.
    Always love chatting to the team as they always have the answers no matter what I am asking for.

  5. G Yiu says:

    siteground support is always there. Might take awhile to find the live chat lol but it’s there. Solved my problem in minutes. Can’t thank them enough.

  6. Shovon Khan says:

    Siteground is very expensive but you will get the value for the money… great support, fastest responses and fast server.

  7. Robert says:

    People complain about the cost of renewals but be fair – the initial price is a promotion. Also, you get what you pay for and have just had a potential problem professionally handled. Probably less than a minute to connect with someone on Chat referred the problem to another part of the support service, and reply received/problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

  8. Meaghan says:

    My issue was quickly resolved. I had a great interaction overall. I stick with Siteground for the customer service. Thank you!

  9. Jody Flores says:

    My website was very slow after Siteground update. customer service was very nice and put a ticket in for me for tech support…

  10. Mijael Brand says:

    Just came out of a chat with tech support. I really, really, really like SiteGround. They are quick and very helpful, their interface is amazing, simple, fast. Never been happier with hosting.

  11. Jile Minefeld says:

    Company has gone downhill.

    I am taking all my clients with me.

    No more phone support,

    I hope you go bankrupt.

  12. William says:

    I initially submitted a 5 star review and when it closed it changed to 3 stars. Nayden definitely deserves a 5 star review for helping me on 5/31. He eased my headache completely

  13. Isioma Isitor says:

    the customer service is instant. they are the most helpful set of individuals I have come across so far. and they are very patient. thank you guys for all your help

  14. Roselynie Clavero says:

    So I tried to login today to continue woring on my site but I couldn’t login. It is giving me this error “502 – Bad Gateway
    This is a temporary error. Please try again later.”. I tried auto login, not working. I tried logging in directly from wordpress, not showing anything.

    Then out of despiration, after watching a lot of youtube tutorial, I reached out to the “contact us” page expecting a response tomorrow. But was I wrong! I got Sabrina B on the line and in just a minute, she was able to have my site working again! OMG! I offered to buy here a coffee but she said it is not possible. Oh so now I thought of just writing this lengthy email to show my appreciation.

    Thanks much Sabrina B, you deserve a raise!

  15. Val J says:

    Excellent customer service. They really try to help you with all your problems and things are solved quickly.

  16. Stu Eastman says:

    Thank you, Ivaylo I. I appreciate the information, and quick answers to my questions. In fact, after thinking on it for just 10minutes, I’ve decided to pull the plug. How do I get back in touch with you?

  17. James says:

    I am moving out of SiteGround. The worst for now, support sucks (not the team) or rather the CTO sucks. SiteGround used to have the best support, I believe but it looks like the stupid CTO who has imposed a lot of restrictions and removed a lot of well worth time proven software like cPanel and WHM.

    Support team is still the same team and they are awesome, and they are a bunch of wonderful people but SiteGround changed a lot of its policies by the CTO. You have to search the dashboard here there and everywhere just to find something and to send support tickets. The CTO doesn’t seem interested in providing support. And it has to be chat or call and used to have an optional ticket but they remove all this. Sometimes and often we don’t need real time chats to resolve issues because we still have to wait, wait and wait. I think they try to follow Bluehost but Bluehost’s support is the worst and overrated.

    Often when a company is successful they remove a lot of things to save costs or whatever and it sucks.

    Also, I don’t know whether the resources are real because I get a lot of site downtime. Yeah… there are some issues here and there with WP but I pay for the top plans in SiteGround and it does not perform to expectations.

    At least, if you want to remove some things, changed your dashboard, remove the cPanel, WHM, etc. please announce it loud and clear and keep the old and new systems running in parallel to test things out.

    Or you can still allow customers to install third party software, at additional cost if necessary.

    The new Site Tools in SiteGround sucks and cannot be compared to cPanel. It is not a matter of learning curve, especially if we are used to all the technical stuff but cPanel/WHM have been around for some time and there is a good reason why they are the market leader. For the Site Tools of SiteGround to improve to the cPanel level will take some time unfortunately so the learning curve is on SiteGround not the customers.

    Even basic things are not working well in the Site Tools of SiteGround. For example, the name of files which are too long cannot be viewed properly. The emails folders cannot be easily downloaded, ETC. ETC. ETC.

    SiteGround claims that it is more secure. I don’t believe it. That’s what they say when things cannot be seen. If it were more secure why are things not working properly.

    I will move out of SiteGround. It’s expensive, never mind but they remove all my preferred services and restricted my access and try not to let the customers contact them. That is not improvement but regression.

  18. Sangsik Hong says:

    Amazing customer relation service. Swift response and very caring efforts. I did an online chat with a service center operator to consult with my concerns regarding a refund process and she was super nice and went all out to help me out. If I happen to need to host other websites in the future again, I will def go for SiteGround.

  19. Sundar says:

    Hey Siteground support is awesome. Even small issues they take it up good and give suggestions patiently. I had some issues on migration from one provider to them. They supported me through the entire process. Hats off to them!

  20. Shannon Henry says:

    Radoslav helped me today with a serious issue to do with our images. He resolved it quickly and got it moved to senior technical support with a high urgency. He took the time to understand our dilemma and solve it for us.

  21. Beverley Streater says:

    Thank you Siteground for helping me through the transition to a new website. Your help was respectful and very quick.

  22. Tina says:

    I started with SiteGround for exceptional customer service (orginally.) I have noticed that great service fading away while I also noticed the support team all the sudden seem to be Bulgarian or Russian names now. Not sure if those to noticed facts are related. But one support member, in particular, was blatantly just rude to the 10th degree and unprovoked. Mr. Hristo Pandjarov was just dismissive when I was in the middle of getting really great help from another user on the facebook forum he litterally interupted with not helpful suggestions twice and then just closed the thread to comments so I was stopped in the middle of getting the solution. Thank God I was able to communicate another way and resolved it but not before I was disgusted by the bully tactic used. It happened on the SiteGround Facebook Users Group. I suggest you see the frustrations there before you decide if this is for your company.

  23. dave moore says:

    friendly and helpful support staff. very pleased with the experience. they didn’t give me the answer i was hoping for, but they gave me the proper steps to resolve the issue. good job, now pay the man.

  24. Kessuree Srisroy says:

    Had Nikolay help solving issues, the chat was instant, no waiting time and issues resolved in no time with a few extra tips. Deserved 5 stars review!!

  25. T D says:

    Was a great help! Appreciate the 24/7 awesome support. (Please change my 4 stars to 5 stars – it was a mistake, I meant to hit 5 stars!)

  26. Laurie Ebert says:

    Again I have to say that the techs that listen to my many questions and assist me are so incredibly kind and patient. I am so very grateful. Thank you!

  27. Laurie Ebert says:

    The tech was great. Very patient and took time to be sure I understood the steps that needed to be taken. I really appreciate that.

  28. Jason Mares says:

    Siteground continues to amaze! Elian totally saved our company from hemorrhaging money due to a site error that was perplexing our IT department. I can’t recommend Siteground highly enough. They’re the absolute best I’ve ever worked with in my 20 year web development career.

  29. Desiree N says:

    Can’t say enough positive things about SiteGround. I haven’t experienced any downtime with my sites and the support is phenomenal. I’ve installed new things on my site and gotten error messages because I don’t fully know what I’m doing and contact support and they have it fixed in under 5 minutes. Other hosts I’ve been with taken a day or more to fix the issues.

  30. Bob Sprague says:

    My site was down this morning following a routine install from Community Builder. Viktor helped bring the site back to life. Much thanks.

  31. Jeannie says:

    Excellent Customer Service over chat! My questions were address quickly and with specific answers. It was great!

  32. Maurizio says:

    Hello, I made an error submitting only 3 stars to my last support chat! I wanted to send 5 becasue the support was fast an at the TOP!

    Thank you very much!

  33. Koen Cornelis says:

    The cool thing about Siteground is their Customer Service. They have consistently gone above and beyond in the two years i’ve been with them now. They don’t just answer questions, they look to solve your problem. And they do it without charging extra. There’s no “pfft, how come you don’t know this”. Instead there’s a “I can help you with that”.

    In Dutch we have a word for that: “ontzorgen”. That’s what Siteground does every time I ask them a question.

  34. Steve Pritchard says:

    I have had a number of contacts with the Siteground support team and my most recent one was no different than the rest. The Siteground support team is the best!!! There may be others out there that are as good, but it would be VERY difficult to be better.

    Virtually every contact has been handled in a friendly, professional manner and the issue was resolved quickly.

  35. Mr Alan Mee says:

    Had a simple issue with forwarding email and was able to get it resolved by Kostadin T. at Siteground very quickly.

  36. Dimi says:

    The top-notch service and the support they provide are the best providers in the market! Or I can’t think myself how any other company will beat the Siteground team. Every single time they deliver above and beyond.

    I am a happy customer for 3 years now.

    I like the new interface of the platform as well. Clean and straightforward.
    Congratulations Siteground team!

  37. Lucia Gayon says:

    Varteres was wonderful with me – he helped me to solve many different issues as I did not understand how to use your platform

  38. Ion says:

    Siteground has been really good to me. Ever since I changed from my previous host provider I haven’t had any issues that didn’t get solved right away.
    Would highly recommend to everyone!

  39. Lana D McMurray says:

    I just chatted with Kristian and he was excellent. I’m having a problem with a plugin and the developer wanted me to clear cache and few other items I didn’t understand how to do. I shared that message and Kristian read it and knew just what to do. He walked me through one part and he did the other. I did not have to explain over and over to him what was wrong. No frustration, just quick and efficient help. He also gave me some next steps to get back to check on and do if all went well or didn’t go well is troubleshooting the issue.

  40. Daniel Lamberth says:

    The Sitegdounr support team is the best I ever came across. Not only are they knowledgable, they also go the extra mile every single time. If I have a problem, they first tell me how to fix it and then offer to fix it for me. I have high expectations when I contact then now and every time they exceed them!

  41. Amo says:

    Good Service. I had a malware attack on 7 websites and they were able to help me well. The experts are really patient and thorough with their work. I don’t think its overly expensive, always advisable to be on the Go Geek plan as its just a few bucks more but whole lot better when it comes to services. Be rest assured that your website hosting is being managed by a good group of people. The services are totally worth every cent charged and 24/7 support is a premium which can’t be justified in terms of cost which I think is very good feature at Site Ground. Others might be cheaper but I’m ready to pay the premium for a hassle free experience.

  42. Chelsea Rose Sargeant says:

    I can’t recommend SiteGround enough for managed WP hosting. I use it to host my 5 different businesses and refer all my clients to use it too SiteGround too where I manage their back-end as well. Their customer support service is so good! So may inbuilt features. Have needed support on multiple occasions and they are always so helpful, friendly and resolve my issues within minutes. 5/5.

  43. Darryl says:

    I decided to switch a couple of my sites to SiteGround from another host and I am very pleased with customer and technical support. I had an issue when I first set up an account so I contacted customer support via phone. Very friendly and helpful and directed me step by step on what I needed to do to solve the issue. I decided to let technical support transfer my websites for me and that was a wise decision. Within minutes my websites were up and running on SiteGround and I received a very detailed email from Kamen Kumanov at Technical Support explaining what steps I need to do next. I couldn’t be more pleased and satisfied.

  44. Michele says:

    A question to the author here: have you noticed how Siteground now limits the amount of websites per account? GrowBig used to be unlimited, now is 2.

    I have been with them for years, but if this is confirmed I’ll have to stop recommending them.

  45. Scott Ahlsmith says:

    Fast, efficient, and instructional. Kolyo was everything I could ask for from a support technician. Well done!
    Thank you,

  46. M.A. Bell says:

    SiteGround has the best customer support I have ever had from a hosting company.

    I have been a customer for several years and also manage several of my clients’ accounts with them, and every time I need help they are polite, very helpful, and usually I get things sorted within a few minutes of contacting them.

  47. Jihoon Jung says:

    Been with Siteground for a few years now and never regretted. Especially, their top notch support team worth the all cost. Never disappointed with their IT team support with almost zero waiting time and their accurate assessment and fixes. Strongly recommend!

  48. Richard says:

    I was looking to start a business and found this site. Because I am not a pro at this I had several questions to see if this was the right place with the right options. Toni helped be through chat and she was–extremely helpful. I’m sold and will start with this company.

  49. Thom Bush says:

    I have been with Siteground for 4 years and have to say, I have found their service and their support staff above and beyond, Highly recommended!

  50. Reynaldo says:

    Thank you for the super fast response and resolution of my request. This process was very professional, simply outstanding!

  51. Dean Vincent says:

    the techs at Site Ground are quick, responsive, knowledgeable and all around great to work with! I would highly recommend them to anyone of any experience level.

  52. Nikhilesh Kumar says:

    I was not unable to remove my card details, saved on siteground. With the help of chat, the issue gets resolved within 2 minutes.

  53. Wendell says:

    Let’s just address the elephant in the room: Siteground “ain’t cheap” after the first year of service. However, their level of support is BLAZING FAST and quite COMPREHENSIVE! It is very hard for me to admit that I would be willing to pay significantly MORE in order to receive quality customer service and a SOLID web host provider! If you get an opportunity to connect with their support representative named “Ivaylo”, consider yourself blessed! He is amazing. He is (surprisingly) personable, HIGHLY knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. What a breath of fresh air. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Sitground. Just sign up and forget about it. Yes, on the high end of the price spectrum but their servers are blazing fast and their customer service is amazing! P.S. Do it!

  54. Alberto Sartini says:

    Today it was very stressful for me as my Prestahop site went down for something I did.
    Kolyo was magnificent in helping me to sort the restore out.
    Not for nothing that it is 10 years that we are hosting at Siteground. We salute you for a great service!

  55. Chris says:

    I love the support I receive from SiteGround. I’ve had nothing but good experiences using their hosting for my clients.

  56. Karen Phillips says:

    The service and support is just incredible at Siteground, I am very happy with the chat service. They are so helpful and always so polite, I wouldn’t change to another provider based on their fantastic support. Thanks team always a pleasure.

  57. Michael Archer says:

    One of the few times I needed to contact the support and delighted with the so friendly and quick response.
    Problem solved which didn;t even relate to Siteground but my WordPress theme.
    Top shelf hosting can cost more but the time saved is worth it.

  58. Ben says:

    Great company. It’s a great value for what you get. There was a period last year I thought things were a little sluggish. But having things on the new Site Tools which everyone is now on, I am really pleased with performance. Great support via chat.

  59. Jean Edwards says:

    Siteground’s support is without any doubt, THE BEST. Not sure about the expensive part though… the latest increase in prices puts it out of reach for many small businesses.

  60. Brittany says:

    I was hesitant in selecting a hosting service but read great things about SiteGround. Today my website went down and I panicked. I got on chat with a SiteGround technician and he calmly walked me through the steps to get it back up. I’m really thankful for their friendly, knowledgeable and helpful customer service.

  61. Alessandro says:

    I’m not happy at all with SiteGround new cPanel.
    I am not happy at all with the name servers that changes anytime I create a new site.
    Not happy with the fact that there is no protection and we are almost “forced” to use sucuri
    Support it is still good, but before was better.

    I hope SiteGround will continue offering high services as before….I’m a bit worrying, don’t want at the moment even consider to move to other host providers.

  62. Pavlos Giannakou says:

    A bit expensive hosting provider but the excellent customer service makes the plan to worth every penny.

  63. Chris Loynd says:

    It took me a bit of getting used to chat, versus phone, support. (I’m a baby boomer trying to keep up.) But now that I am used to it, it’s great to have the transcript. SiteGround support has always been my primary reason for hosting with them. Stanimir V. was an excellent example of excellent customer service. Thank you!

  64. Melanie Richards says:

    Every time we add the primary domain (from a temp domain) on a site, the database doesn’t update all temp domains and we have bugs and requires us to get in touch with support given your find & replace tool doesn’t work, nor do other plugins that can do this usually. YOU NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE AS IT’S DRIVING US NUTS AS IT HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE TIME, AND BEEN GOING ON SINCE WE SIGNED UP WITH YOU.

  65. Brigitte says:

    What an amazing support by Vladimir! Thank you so much! You have made my life so much easier!


  66. Javed Ahmed says:

    Very well versed with new client system, helped me with very complicated link structure and found the solution quickly.

  67. Paola P. says:

    I just love your quick and efficient support! Always ready to help. I read people had different experiences, but mine as being great so far. Other hostings don’t respond or let you hanging with a bot to finally tell you bye.
    Today I learn how to flush cache and that was the issue with Error 404.

  68. Jo Lindo says:

    Nickolay is the best. He explains things clearly and concisely, listens and provides clear solutions and even peripheral help. Thank you Nickolay, it was a real pleasure withing with you.

  69. Denat Jean Luc says:

    My experience is fantastic, there is always kind words and solutions on any thing so far.
    Yes the price is a bit high specially on the second year, but after all I can assume it, I run a business. What I find excellent is the Cpanel, intuitive and it works, what I really appreciate is that you can create a web site for comps so the clients can see them and give me their comments. Yes Siteground all the way. A+

  70. Ahmad says:

    If there’s one thing that’s often overlooked when it comes to hosting services, it’s customer service and support. Siteground is the absolute best at it, available round the clock to support you and get your issues fixed in no time!

    There hasn’t been a thing that they haven’t been able to help with. Whenever something happens to my site, I don’t even panic because I know I’m literally minutes from getting the support I need.

    I would pay a lot more for just that.

  71. KHEW SIN SUN says:

    Antonio was very helpful and courteous. Had initiative to check on the state of HD space in my site and reported it to me concisely.
    Thank you!

  72. Richard Perkins says:

    SiteGround has really great support. They go above and beyond to help. I have several sites hosted with them. And their backup and staging features are awesome too. Thank you SiteGround.

  73. TEM Darrell says:

    Before discovering Siteground, I had a hosting service with 5 of the so-called best (The Big Bwoys) the popular ones !! they all failed in one way or another. I’ve been with SG for many years now and they never fail to impress me. Their service is solidly built on SUPPORT !! SUPPORT !! SUPPORT !!
    They give you all the reasons to stay put .”Stickability”

  74. Tim Kenney says:

    As always, problem solved in minutes with the excellent help of Nikola. Polite and responsive. Support at SG is always great.

  75. Dana Williams says:

    Dylan was helping me and we were disconnected can he please reach back out to me,Still unable to get in my password and login and still not taking.Please help me

  76. Adonike Sylvester Nnaemeka says:

    Great customer service. I wanna always talk with Vidilin alone. He just knows the nitty-gritty of serving customers. He’s got a great personality too.

  77. Allan McNabb says:

    I just completed a LiveChat with SiteGround about the upcoming conversion of our Cloud account with 60+ websites to their new platform. I wondered if the sites would be containerized with the new platform so that one site could not disrupt and take down all the sites.

    The sites will not be containerized. The support tech offered autoscaling as a solution, but autoscaling is not in realtime and takes as much as 15 minutes+ to be applied. Plus, if the problem is not solved by autoscaling resources, all the sites on the server can remain down (which has happened to us numerous times) and the cost could be drastically increased as resources are added that don’t solve the problem (which has happened to us).

    We host some of our sites on Flywheel for the reasons described above, and I found it very interesting that this review site (which SiteGround sent me to for a review) is hosted by Flywheel.

    SiteGround has some advantages over Flywheel, and we continue to use SiteGround; however, Flywheel is our go-to host for sites that need the highest uptime possible, and for sites where speed is important and more difficult to achieve such as those with WooCommerce, BuddyBoss, etc.

  78. Georges Assaf says:

    Amazing service at siteground. Have considered switching to other providers because of increasing prices but hope they keep their service prices down from now on.

  79. sanaullah says:

    I am satisfied as i need zero maintenance time for my sites online.But if any exceeded us will be billed automatically without down time would be real happiness.

  80. Sebastien Bicard says:

    Denis was incredibly fast to detect the issue of my website. Stoked to rely on Siteground for my business, you don’t disappoint.

  81. Alberto says:

    Some things have changed with their service but,

    they are still really good.

    I noticed that they are trying to guide customers to learn to solve basic problems, and that is great, we really have to grow our knowledge and handle the basic situations.

    What I don’t understand is, why they don’t improve their info with Instructional YouTube Videos?

    All the info is there in documents, but many times not clear enough,

    I guess that Siteground managers haven’t understood that the average site developers don’t dominate the Server Technology,

    and a site down or server error situation turns on the stress that won’t let them easily understand a written guide with non-familiar terms or routines to follow processes.

    Probably some time later they will get up to date with videos,

    for now, I still love them.

  82. Dave M says:

    You guys never cease to amaze me with your support, I almost look forward to have problems knowing you’ll help me figure it out lol.

  83. K Marsh says:

    Just learned about Siteground today and had so many questions. My rep, Ivaylo, had all the answers! There was nothing that I asked that he didn’t know. It really helped me determine which route to take starting my websites and what I need to get it going. Awesome customer service.

  84. Dawn E says:

    I have used serval hosting companies in the past, but once I found siteground and their customer service, tech support … i am a forever customer! I tell all of my friends and others who want an excellent hosting company to join me at SiteGround!

    Thank you to all of the Customer Support and Tech Support folks!! all of you are beyond 5 Stars!

  85. BRIAN KEAST says:

    I’ve used three other hosting companies for almost 20 years until I found Siteground through a blogger. I started with them about five years ago and I’ve never looked back. Their tech help is unsurpassed in ability and I’ve never come across a group of techs that were more polite and knowledgeable at the same time, in any company, anywhere. They consistently surprise me with, not only their abilities and knowledge base, but how well they treat people. My sites stay up, they’re fast, and if I have a problem, it gets solved. You won’t regret going with Siteground. If you’re cheap, you should probably go somewhere else. If you appreciate quality hosting, tech help, and customer service, then you understand that you get what you pay for. Sign up, you won’t regret it.

  86. Rick Stewart says:

    Although it was a bit difficult to locate how to talk with someone, I cannot say anything good enough about the level of support once we connected. The knowledge of the person I spoke with was really impressive, no escalation or anything like that. It was a 5/5 support experience for sure.

  87. John Bacot says:

    Very interested in resolving the issue with recommendations that a non tech could follow. Great customer service.

  88. Michael Haggstrom says:

    I am looking into move service providers and the sales team was fantastic, they were prompt, courteous, relaxed and provided answers without any pushy sales techniques.

  89. Keith Mille says:

    Just had 5 star help from the support staff at Siteground! Very helpful and fixed the issue (caused by me) within 30 minutes or so.
    Very happy customer

  90. Kim Gorchs says:

    Wonderful support via chat. I had a question about my domain and renewals and the support was super helpful and kind. It is worth the investment!

  91. Terry says:

    After having migrated my blog to another host, SiteGround automatically charged my account regardless.
    However, In the process of cancelling my account, a chatbox popped up and SiteGround’s customer service asked to communicate with me.
    I explained them of my grievance and without delay or fuss they immediately returned my funds.
    I am very impressed with that level of service, which has put SiteGround, again, in my highest regard.
    Thank you! Much appreciated.

  92. Michael says:

    The whole team and customer service is great!!! Highly recommend it.
    Diana k was so helpful during our live chat conversation – very patient, professional and knew all the answers to my enquires. Thank you Diana k

  93. Melissa McElfresh says:

    Very few times do I ever need to ask SiteGround for help, but when I do they are always so understanding and helpful. I am very very green and really appreciate the time and explanations the team(s) provide. Thank you!

  94. Jamie Winston says:

    Martin Zh. was so helpful. We got disconnected because I cleared my cache but if he sees this, Thank you!

  95. Patrick says:

    Really excellent technical support–definitely good to have their expertise to fall back on when necessary.

  96. Dr. ReGina Pino says:

    I found Emanuele to be very helpful today. All the problems were not solved but a clear path was provided.

  97. Melissa Milligan says:

    Rarely do you have an issue with SiteGround hosting. When you do have a question or issue, SiteGround is very responsive, no long delays waiting on hold. We’re moving all our websites to SiteGround.

  98. George Matyjewicz says:

    The support from siteground is THE BEST! They are fast in replying, fast in resolving issues, and always on target with their assessment.

  99. Craig says:

    Amazing support, went above a beyond to help get multiple site migrations all sorted, with plugin issues not related to them in some cases!!! Servers run fast, all the tools you need A++ thanks

  100. Kathryn Maclean says:

    Eliza in the chat window was very helpful. She chatted with me about my problem and suggested a SiteGround tutorial for me to follow. She also sent me the chat by email so I could follow her instructions. This type of excellent customer service is why I recommend SiteGround to my clients.

  101. Jonas Urba says:

    These COVID times are stressful. Half the world might soon work remotely, with longer hours than ever before. I’ve been with Site-Ground for 5 years. They’ve never taken more than 24 hours to fix my most critical issue. Competitors take note! Site-Ground knows what New Yorkers do. If you don’t like what you do you’ll probably never be really good at it and it will show. Their techs solve problems fast and they’ll keep you in the loop about what was done to make sure the same issue does not repeat itself. Thanks!

  102. John Angelori says:

    I have been thinking about becoming a new Site Ground customer. The Customer Service rep I got was named Boryana. She was thorough and complete and patient. She provided answers to all of my questions in perfect English which is often lacking in companies doing business in Italy. Excellent. I’m sold!

  103. Brian Johnson says:

    Siteground’s new move to the cloud is a pain. They have also made it more difficult to get tech support via a ticket.

    Cloud issues: When the sites are moved you will lose any FTP users you had before.

    Bots can attack your site and slow it down and rather than automatically taking care of this for you (like you would hope the host would manage) you are given over 100 lines of code to put into an htaccess file.

    • John Angelori says:

      @Brian Johnson. Tell me more please! I have been thinking about switching over because a friend of mine was very pleased with the tech support. But your comment above sounds like a disaster.

  104. Rick Horowitz says:

    Well, it took a while to figure out the problem. And it turns out it was a recurrence of an old problem. So now I will know to always ask to check on that one thing before continuing to struggle to get it done.

    Ultimately, though, Konstantin was able to figure it out.

  105. Kevin Doyle says:

    Used to be the greatest host but as they grow, they are showing cracks. More and more services disjointed, less and less control. Not dis-satisfied but the more services they try to provide, the less they have thought about service level strategies.

  106. Nancymarie Wiles says:

    This tech, Nikola NE, was one of the best I have had with you all! Thank you for providing such excellent customer care. I usually don’t go out of my way to comment on someone’s service because in this day and age customer service skills are lacking everywhere. So when I do comment it is because the person has made an impact. I would sign up again and again with you all with a tech like this one! Thank you.

  107. Kimesha McDowell says:

    Every single time I contact customer service it is always a quick and direct response. I love it here! They are super helpful.

  108. Steven SERPA says:

    Gabriel was absolutely incredible he hung in there with me the whole time I tried to explain what was going on I’ve been trying to get this thing to work for hours I stood up until 3:00 this morning got back up at 5:00 and started working on it again and he stood right there and he got everything working he scanned a phone company of telephone support team to give me a call back as I have to change all my information because I moved I no longer live in Coventry Rhode island I live in West Warwick Rhode island now

  109. Noel Vijeyakumar says:

    Awesome experience with tech. My site went down and I’m not too well versed on tech items. The individual took the time to teach me how to correct the error to get my site live again. highly recommend siteground and will continue using them for the foreseeable future!

  110. C. Tyson Fisk says:

    I received exceptional support from Antonio at, even though it was technically related to another discipline; I.e. Pagestream / SEO / Google. I caused some glitches, old now undesirable pages were surfacing / Local DNS Cached Images. I was building a new website for my Wife, yep, a no win scenario. Well I screwed up and didn’t see it coming. Firstly to create proper perspective I am new to PageStream, I’m an old Dreamweaver novice. Well I began thinking it would be real quick to create a simple intro / landing page, so I published one with a theme and published more content as I edited; big mistake, not good and here is why; I had no idea how powerful the Pagestream Pages laid out as lasting impressions are! My fault for not properly provisioning first, a buffer / launch / under construction page; thereby developing website on the backend in proper order. Let this be my lesson learned! So Antonio not only understood my reckless scenario; he provided several excellent solutions / techniques to apply / execute, in order to resolve DNS / Cache, then even instruct Google to recrawl this website. Yep I’ll never hear the end of this blooper… Nice though under stress, it is extremely rare to be assisted by real expertise, offering rapid resolve, very much much appreciated!

    Happy Trails, I need a martini…

  111. Travis Massingale says:

    Top notch service/support, within under a minute had tech support on chat looking into my problem and then escalated as needed. Issue resolved within the hour.

    Always a pleasure to deal with and very professional staff!

  112. Michael Waite says:

    Help chat was very helpful purchased a new domain as well and the guys talked me through it all without any pain
    five stars

  113. Jade Streifert says:

    I meant to give this person 5 starts and my mouse gave 3 I’m sorry! The service was great, thank you for helping me and talking me through my issues while I was in a panic!!!

  114. Todd Fry says:

    George T just helped me with a site problem. Super nice style and very clear advice. He seemed to immediately understand what was going on and was able to really help me out. I usually avoid online chat help services, but George was terrific!

  115. Jack Gibney says:

    Suddenly essential options went missing from my dash board. I started a chat and Siteground representative “Militsa I” got to the heart of the issue very quickly and resolved the situation in minutes. Very capable and polite. Greatly appreciated. I have been relying on Siteground for years and they never let me down.

  116. Marcia Hart says:

    I love SiteGround. Have been with them for several months now. Their customer service is excellent — prompt, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I have recommended SiteGround to my friends.

  117. Eric Grimm says:

    Actually, I probably gave you guys a higher mark than deserved. Why? Because it took about 24 hours to resolve. Which was significant because my site is fairly active during that interval, and I need to use the website for online teaching. But, things worked out.

  118. Scott Murphy says:

    My agent was very helpful, knew what i needed and we took care of it and was patient with me when i couldn’t locate it.

  119. jay shenk says:

    I had my first need to chat with a technical person at SiteGround, and he was quite knowledgeable and personable, the latter being difficult to convey in a technical chat.

    So far SiteGround technical help has been great, which is a reason I switched from another hosting site where the technical help was getting spotty–sometimes the help there was great, but more and more often, not so good, so I was not always sure if the answers were accurate, which if not could cause problems.

  120. Sherry Bradford says:

    Viktor was great! I had a straightforward question and he was quick, efficient, and courteous. Much appreciated!

  121. Andrew says:

    I saw siteground had a lot to offer and so glad to leave godaddy whom split the charges up in pieces and when all stacked back together are a ripoff, even security additional charge and levels of security godaddy charge its a joke and emails charged expensive dont get me started !
    i had noticed sitegournd bundled that stuff included and do most free as included unlike godaddy , furthermore the siteground staff are amazing, so friendly and professional and never rush or push, i cant say enough good stuff about them, thank you siteground, Andrew (Aus)

  122. Dawn Renee says:

    The customer service again rocks our world. Thank you for your patience and for being so willing to work thru issues.

  123. Toby says:

    Thanks Kolyo!

    I installed a new theme with Woocommerce and got locked out. He took 2 minutes to figure out it was the outdated php, resolved it, and all is good.


  124. Andrea Cianni says:

    Every single penny spent with siteground is worth twice as much, their support service is always able to give you proactive help.
    You come with a request and sometimes you already have a solution in mind, but if there is a better solution you are sure to be directed to it!

  125. Paul Steven Knox says:

    I could not be happier with my experience with your team members today. Helpful and efficient and professional.

  126. Roi Azarya says:

    great hosting service, they are helpful and professional, it is absolutely pleasure to work with their support and their site tools

  127. Marilyn Harding says:

    Petar was terrific today helping me find and clear old obsolete files as I had reached my data limit.. I had a l lot of questions which he answered patiently. :)

  128. James Buchanan says:

    I am a new SiteGround user and this was my first experience with SG’s customer support live chat. I am happy to report that I received excellent help from Georgi. Very professional.

  129. DORON ZAMIR says:

    SiteGround support is amazing.
    There has never been a case where I have not received a complete solution to every problem I have encountered.
    And today the WordPress problem was easily solved through the service !!

  130. P. van Berkel says:

    My business has stopped, so the domains I have are less important to me now. I’m probably just going to park them somewhere cheap. So when the renewal turned out to be too expensive for my domains, I moved to another host. The service to get this done was excellent! Very helpful. The auto-renewal was on, but I got a refund, no questions asked. They even were thoughtful to turn off auto renewal on another service that was about to auto-renew. I think a hosting providers true level of service shows when you try to leave. Siteground earned 5 stars for that! If I ever have more professional websites again, I’m coming back!!

    • P. van Berkel says:

      in addition: the service in the past three years NEVER failed me. So patient and helpful! 24/7 chat support, I love that! Very reliable too. I would recommend Siteground to anyone with a professional website!

  131. Ramakumar says:

    I have used other hosting providers, and SIteground is far better. Simple interface, yet with all the features one needs. Much faster server and customer care is great too !

  132. Zachary Drennan says:

    As others have noted, their renewals are quite expensive — probably in keeping with industry standards, but that’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking at any hosting service: First year = cheap! After that = Expensive! But of course, non of them advertise those renewal rates up front.

    As for Siteground, I personally found the UI fairly easy to navigate. There services have done what I needed them to do with no issue, and the one time I’ve had to contact support, the tech helping me was friendly and resolved my issue (it did take about 10 minutes, but with a positive solution, so I was okay with that). After the help chat, they ask for a “review” which directs the user here, which is why there are so many comments on support experiences, and which is why I’m commenting on it.

  133. Gary Schefler says:

    The Support that I rec’d today from your support person was very helpful, clearly defined and obviously is very good a multi-tasking as I am sure he was working with one or more chats at the same time.

    If the support on our new site building going forward is as good as VD I will be a happy camper.

  134. Carolyn Malone says:

    Just got off a 57-minute chat with Rumen T. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service, and more importantly, your patience! I know it’s not easy dealing with technologically-challenged people. I hope that this message reaches your boss/supervisor and that s/he knows what a valuable employee you are!

  135. Kimberly Huneycutt says:

    So helpful. I’m new to all things WP and Viktor R. took his time and was super patient with me and my lack of understanding. He stayed with me while I figured out my MX stuff and got it all sorted out.

  136. Gorka says:

    The best performing hosting for WordPress + Woocommerce we’ve tried so far (and we tried several, some terrible like OVH, some meh like Godaddy and some not that bad like bluehosting).
    The customer support is awesome, quick and efficient.
    100% recommended

  137. Eldon Goates says:

    Emanuele was polite and gave the company line, but unfortunately, the company line is not the customer line. I gave Emanuele a 4-star because he was professional, but I’d give the whole experience a 2-Star. The problem is not solved and I’m still a frustrated customer — maybe even more now that I know your policies are a DISS-service to customers.

  138. Stephan says:

    If this is the type of customer service SiteGround provides daily, I’ll be more than happy to give them my business.

    I was assisted by Momchil today and not only were the responses within a reasonable time, but he was clear in his explanations and evidently showed that he understood my questions.

  139. Jim Siverts says:

    Had a problem (my fault, not theirs) and did a Chat. Response was instant and th service my support guy ROCKED!! Stepped me through my fixes quickly.

  140. Andaç says:

    Their server can be a little expensive on renewals but it is definitly worth it for customer support and server security. I worked with almost all hosting providers and i can easily say Siteground Support is the far best. Also cloudflare firewall integrity excellent.

  141. Jim ROberts says:

    Great job. Saw what happened when my WordPress had disappeared and was able to point out what the DNS server was doing to mess things up. Really helpful!

  142. Nina Corrie says:

    My support person Nikolas was VERY helpful! He is a really great person to calmly explain things. I really appreciate the support!

  143. Khaleel Khan says:

    One of the best support, within a few min support team handle my request quickly and my domains are back


  144. Randall Reese says:

    I stay with the Siteground because the service agents are friendly and knowledgeable. My only complaint is that it can be hard to navigate to a live agent. I understand the do it your self knowledgebase reasons, but sometimes I just want to talk to someone. I’m getting older and have limited time left. :)

  145. Tania says:

    I’ve switched to SiteGround in this recent 4 months and they have been outstanding. Which makes me realise I’ve been putting up with Bluehost below-par standards for 3 years.

    Firstly, SiteGround is sooo much faster. Secondly, their customer care is great. The tone is always cheerful and helpful. They solve my tech inquiries on the spot, and you get an instant email capture of our chat.

    The one time they couldn’t solve it on the spot, they created a ticket and their tech guy emailed within the half hour to fix it for me.

  146. Joe M says:

    Siteground is a godsend to ‘amateur’ techies like me. They are exceptionally good in a sea of mediocre hosting providers. I have the geek plan and its fantastic. Fast sleek and once you get used to the non cPanel interface its easy to navigate and use. But it is the tech support that above the rest, for that alone they are brilliant. Well done guys take a bow.

  147. Tobias Bremner says:

    Good customer service. I used their service for a year but after not needing it I forgot to cancel.
    They cancelled the subscription and gave me a complete refund.
    Good customer service got me this.

  148. Cole Moulton says:

    Awesome guy. Chatted about options for the site and provided be with insight into everything we currently have in place.

  149. Vaibhav says:

    I really liked his hands-on support (fixing my mistakes in the proprietary user control panel) as well providing the answers to my questions and additional tutorials for my knowledge. He was attentive to everything I said and made the necessary actions or suggestions in reflection.

  150. Paul Ingram says:

    I want to mention an outstanding employee you have Emil. I was struggling with getting email to work and he was very patient and extremely polite. Thanks again for such wonderful customer service.

  151. Laura says:

    I rarely ever have to contact SiteGround’s help desk, but when I do, I get excellent service. Unfortunately I had to contact them on Christmas Eve about something that wasn’t their fault. Wasn’t expecting the same level of service on a holiday but got knowledgeable and fast answers.

    Yes, renewals are expensive, but SG is much better than the 5 web hosts I’ve used in the past.

  152. Sarabjit sabharwal says:

    So I’ve dealt with your techs the last 2 weeks and I have to say 5 star rating is not enough Both Trevor and Ivan went way above and beyond and I would have to say it’s probably the best tech support I’ve seen with any online company!! Well done!

  153. Magda Wojtyra says:

    I hardly ever need Siteground customer support, but when I do, it’s a pleasure. I just love this company and I so wish more of the companies I deal with on the regular in my professional and private life were this reliable and headache free. Highly recommended.

  154. Marty McLeod says:

    Eliza was excellent, very friendly and very helpful. She took care of both my billing /hosting account level issue as well as a technical question.

    Thank you.

  155. John Garrett says:

    Best Customer support there is! They are the best value just for that, but they offer the best interface, price, and user experience. They are the best.

  156. Brian W says:

    Been with Siteground now for approx 5 years. I have all my wordpress sites hosted here and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Sure, no host is perfect but overall they have the best support of any hosting company I’ve ever worked with.

  157. Alesia says:

    So far their support team have been wonderful. I’ve chatted with them several times, that was quick and painless and when I needed a ticket for a serious issue, they were their to help.

  158. James Pricer says:

    The customer rep hung in there with a tricky problem and worked on the solution until it was complete. Thank you Siteground!

  159. Susan Taunton says:

    SiteGround has been hosting my website for about 3 years now. Yes, their customer support is the best. However, I have become increasingly concerned about the last two years’ gigantic(!!) rate hikes plus mystifying fat taxes added on (these taxes are not charged by other hosts). I am also extremely unhappy that cPanel is getting replaced by Site Tools – at least in the “StartUp” hosting plan. Site Tools seems like a dumbed down cPanel – I miss cPanel. So – I really hate to be thinking like this, but I have begun looking at other hosts.

  160. pepe says:

    Excellent service but a bit expensive. I think that they should include staging site on wordpress managed subscription so can compete with competitors on price.

  161. Ahmed Taha says:

    Communication with them is very comfortable to understand the problem and solve it as soon as possible …… I do not regret dealing with them :)

  162. Danielle Gervino says:

    Once again, Siteground continues to exceed expectations. They are hands down the fastest, most knowledgable and most competent customer service team I have ever dealt with. Always willing to walk you through, offer solutions and answer any and all questions!

  163. Jenny Dizij says:

    I am a customer at siteground for 3 years now. Every time i have an issue with my website it is solved within minutes. Via the chat. The service is great, the people are friendly and personal.

    24 hours a day support. Release of immediate stress. And the business can continue.

    They deserve an excellent recommendation.

    Greetings Jenny from the Netherlands.

  164. Barbara Escher says:

    Really appreciated the help! I got a scary phishing email and got good advice about what to do next – change my password and make sure I change it on any other sites where I use the same password. Big sigh of relief.

  165. Rick Meador says:

    Sophi is great she helped me get to the problem quickly and was able to help idenifty how to resolve it. This team is exceptional!!!

  166. Rob Scott says:

    Great consultants at Siteground, patient, courteous, helpful and kind.
    All the guy are very respectful and seem to appreciate your situation when you discover issues or serious problems with your site. I strongly recommend Siteground to anyone wanting support and great product. I am new at this and are extremely happy with the crew

  167. Mohammed S says:

    One of the best hosting, control panel, websites etc. So fast, one just used to be familiar with their menu options. I found it great. I was using VPS and it was so difficult to maintain. Now no worries after shifting here. Siteground chat service is good, instantly someone is coming for your help.

    Only I fear is the high renewal cost and when I am going out of space, that time companies want to cash it. Those are really in need of service will stay, rest will be left out or those cant afford.

  168. Joe Roberts says:

    Siteground never fails to impress me, but Eliyan P. was literally the best. This dude needs a raise and promotion. He helped me on two separate tickets and is such a great guy with a lot of great customer support, and actual knowledge!! Thank you Eliyan!!

  169. Mj Dee says:

    The Support Team is superb. Very responsive and able to address the concern. You tell them the problem and they give you the solution.

  170. Victoria says:

    Wow. Great chat experience with Ovanes! That was quick and specific instructions! Thanks Ovanes and the rest of the SiteGround team!

  171. Brandon says:

    Man, I have no idea what I’m doing but on any given question they help within minutes. Everything at figure tips and purchases is annually so as not to worry for 12 months. I mean, if one has everything in order and organized one can take right off and begin to have customers/clients make purchases from home. Amazing service

  172. Brad Mangas says:

    Received excellent and fast support for what ended up being an issue I had caused. Thank you Siteground team, your support and help is greatly appreciated!

  173. Tony Dancaster says:

    Siteground is not only a great hosting company they have one of the best support services I have come across.

    I have had one or two issues which have been resolved quickly and without a fuss.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Siteground as a great all-round company.

  174. Elaine Weber says:

    Very impressed with the customer service representative she was very kind, helpful, and explained everything thoroughly then solved the issue I was facing! Thank you so much!!

  175. Temi says:

    Awesome customer service. Just moved from 2 hosting companies and I am so glad I did. And the site is so much faster already and I haven’t even done the CDN or speed optimization yet. Really happy I made the switch!

  176. Tom Scheckel says:

    Kostadin T. was excellent, helped me out with a complex problem and made it look easy. Greaqt customer service/tech support. Thanks!!

  177. Bilal Hussain says:

    Prices may little increase but performance is awesome and I think quality always comes after price. So, I am still settled on siteground and support team is awesome and response time you can say just like in second.

  178. Ted Burris says:

    I can’t believe how helpful and kind the support staff is at Siteground. They are always there when I need them. Always at the top of their game. And never argumentative or condescending like some of the other hosting sites and service providers I have dealt with over the years. Thanks for being the best in the business.

  179. Faruqi Jeniri says:

    Can’t wait to build site with it! Great customer service! I log to my brother’s website and it is super fast! After trying a lot of hosting provider, I choose this Siteground as my final decision.

  180. David says:

    I’ve never had a bad experience with siteground support. I’ve had to help other people with their acounts and it is one of the reasons I always recommend Siteground.

  181. Viotto says:

    I was having some headaches trying to solve technical problems with my domain.
    I contacted SiteGround support, they studied my case carefully and solved my issue.
    Thank you so much for the good support.
    Keep it up this way and I’ll keep renewing!

  182. Susan Taunton says:

    Was such a pleasure dealing with efficient and articulate SiteGround customer support today when I needed help adding a php extension. I waited maybe 5 seconds to connect and was done in less than 8 minutes. This amazing customer support is the main reason I choose SiteGround hosting and how I justify their higher hosting fees.

  183. Jim Carroll says:

    Once I got a contact on the line, things went smoothly, and he fixed the problem.


  184. Ellie says:

    Agent provides options and detailed information which avoids any confusion or further complaints/error. Easily clarifies any misunderstanding. He is an effective customer service as he has a good communication rapport

  185. John Rallison says:

    Great service. Not the cheapest in the world, but high value. I could always get a real person and that person could always help me directly without escalating the issue.

  186. joe Callan says:

    Siteground almost always have a solution when contacted for help. THEE hosting company and I know as I tried most of them.

  187. Monica says:

    Vladimir was super friendly, understood exactly what I was inquiring about, and helped me right away. I so much appreciate the consistent, super-helpful assistance I get each time I contact Siteground.

  188. Stephen Kurkinen says:

    Eliza did a wonderful job of helping me with all of my questions. Please give her a raise! Amazing service, and no annoying questions. She was patient as I kept asking how to do different things or figure out each step in transferring my domain and website to Siteground. You guys are making it impossible for me to ever leave Siteground with such good service!

  189. Remy says:

    my very first experience with hosting services, I appreciate the way they helped me. they provide quick guidance which is self-explanatory, they are so kind.
    highly recommend these guys.

  190. Mohamed says:

    Another excellent customer service experience! They diagnosed my issue and told me how it could be solved in about 15 minutes. Our last hosting company wouldn’t respond to requests for days…

  191. Robin says:

    It’s worth every penny, I don’t normally rate websites, but for this I couldn’t get my fingers off the keyboard.

    I would recommend siteground, even while I’m sleeping like a baby.


  192. David White says:

    Siteground is by far the best hosting service around. I have tried Godaddy, Bluhost and FatCow and none of these guys compare to the customer service support that SG offers 24 hours. I have sent chats 3 times this week alone and the staff at SG has jumped on my issues and pointed me in the right direction and even took the time to walk me through so I understood exactly what was going on and how long changes might take. Usually the time was much faster than what they said. LOVE SiteGround. Please keep up the outstanding work.

  193. Gwendolyn B Amos says:

    Love siteground service, anytime I have an issues, their team is always helpful.

    I use the live chat for the first time today, an extremely pleasant experience.

    The most comforting thing he said was to take your time I’m here when you’re ready, so I didn’t feel rushed.

    As always siteground excellent services

  194. Ryan King says:

    Atanas was very helpful and with a pleasant attitude. He went on above and beyond to accommodate me. I highly recommend this support service.

  195. Roger Fraser says:

    Outstanding service helping me sort out a plugin that updated and resulted in me (and all users!) being locked out. Very worrying. But Lilko, very quickly identified the cause and helped me sort it out in no time at all. Absolutely top class service. Highly recommend Siteground.

  196. sam says:

    very great support 24/24 great hosting but renewal is very very expensive specialy for survice free websites hope there is diffent prices for stores and blogs

  197. Alesia says:

    The customer service on chat was 5 star. Very professional, I spoke with Zhorzh I.
    I hope this doesn’t change after becoming a customer. I’m not easily sold, but he sold me on some of the benefits of going with Siteground.

  198. Ahlia Demas Jimenez says:

    Ivan provided great customer service on the chat platform.
    Friendly greeting. Pleasant. Was able to detect the issues
    and fix most with the remanding step for me to do.
    That was fine. It was a one-click fix in my site Tools.
    So yes, Ivan gets 5 stars.

    Also, note it was not a long wait.
    Under 3 minutes from the time I clicked for Chat support
    up till Ivan responded.

  199. AMBARESWAR ROY says:

    The support is award winning.. Such an exact and accurate support.. My queries were resolved in a minute. No extra chit chats.. It is the exact answer I needed. Amazing and awesome support.
    I hope I can now start my journey with Siteground and wish it is goona be a awesome time with them.

  200. Eric says:

    I’m Very Happy overall with SiteGround since moving from Bluehost. I’ve got multiple Websites hosted there incl. 2 x Legacy Adobe sites & small Client Sites. Much better & more knowledgable Customer Service than Bluehost or GoDaddy, easier GUI & no down-time. Sites load fast & security & webs stats are easy to undetstand for non-developers like me, Only issues I;ve had is WP Migrator plugin never worked for me, so I did have to pay another $30 to move a site from Staging to an excisting Domain without losing my Emails (which happened @ Blue Host). 4.5 Stars / 5

  201. Roger Fraser says:

    Outstanding service an understanding. This issue was about setting up STMP mail on WordPress, and the guidance was right on the button. Big thanks!!

  202. Katrien Moore says:

    Siteground support is superfast and super professional. I have needed help a few times and they always sort me out in no time.

  203. Roger says:

    Best WordPress hosting service! Have had a couple of technical difficulties and Siteground’s support has always been readily available via call or chat and resolves my issues. I would recommend this service to anyone or agency looking for reliable, responsive, and fast hosting!

  204. Frank Bollen says:

    CV-19 left me and my client in a dire situation, his business folded and alongside his website too. Siteground helped me to refund ‘due hosting package payments’ through their customer service. Your help is very much appreciated for this awesome action!

  205. Mark S. says:

    Thanks for the impeccable service … anytime I have an issue it is resolved in amazing time. I have 3 accounts with Site Ground. I have them for my clients and about 20 websites in total. Each blazing fast.

  206. Allison says:

    I did really appreciate their helpful and knowledgable service on the live chats! But, my first year of hosting was $6/mo and then I got an email at the end of the year saying I’d be automatically charged $29.99/month going forwards. Yikes! Of course, they’d reduce the cost of my plan a bit for paying 2 or 3 years at a time…. but the price hike was too big for me…. I’ll go elsewhere. Sad, I wish I had known this was coming… it’s such a waste of everyone’s time to play crazy price games :(

  207. Filip says:

    I got on with them today, little different from hosts with c-panel, but very user friendly and simple to use. had couple of questions and got them resolved over chat in minutes.
    I saw other comments but i have to go with what i see and with my experiences.

  208. Bryan Gibson says:

    Siteground’s support has ALWAYS been at the highest level. These guys are the most professional and the most efficient I have ever dealt with at any web host

  209. Phil Mace says:

    This is one of the best hosting services I have used … if you want something for nothing there are other options for sure. but I prefer to pay for a good service

  210. Robert Baker says:

    The support at SiteGround is beyond belief. I’ve been in the IT industry for almost 25 years and haven’t seen this high level of support for a very long time.

  211. David Hart says:

    Very helpful and worked with me patiently until my problem was fully resolved. So much better than my last provider. Thank you.

  212. Yahya Zakaria says:

    As always, I love SiteGround because of many things but what I love the most is the support team, very responsive very friendly, and very helpful.

    Good Job

  213. J Harwin says:

    Siteground offers a great service and even better Customer Service. I have always had prompt, friendly, and helpful service anytime I have had an issue, big or small. I will never use another company for my hosting because of it. Customer service is a lost art these days but Siteground has it on lockdown.

  214. Mehran says:

    Ajaey Kuttappan is super friendly and knowledgeable, The Issue with the SSL Certificate was rectified within 30 seconds. Thanks for your help.

  215. Axel says:

    I love SiteGround! Their support is always so fast and helpful. The service is so fast, and they even have helped me with website issues (going above and beyond supporting the server).

  216. Iman Rahimipour says:

    Before, SG used to be faster in customer service, but it has been a while that I am experiencing the longtime holes in connecting to the chat. I wen to GoGeek for better support, but sometimes I disappointed for a long time waiting to connect. Expect to improve its customer support services.

  217. Susan M Smith says:

    This was my second chat with support this morning. Prior agent told me all I have to do with deactivate cloudflare even though error message told me differently. I went ahead and deactivate like he said, didn’t correct the problem. I decided to contact tech support again, she told me that there were a lot of errors in the error log and she went ahead and submitted a support ticket to get it look at.

  218. Craig says:

    Hands down, SiteGround is the best web hosting provider in the world. They always treat us like royalty, and always deliver what they promise. Reliability, Speed, and Service have never been an issue for us. Way to go, SiteGround. You are a Triple Crown Winner. Keep up the great work.

  219. Lance MacKeown says:

    Support was excellent today as always. The technician answered all my questions quickly and accurately. I immediately tried the solutions and they worked perfectly the first time.

  220. david marsh says:

    Super impressed with the help and support I received. Super knowledgeable and helpful and went above and beyond the support I have had from previous hosts.

  221. Rod McClure JP says:

    As mentioned internally, our connection to Site ground was through our web manager George who unfortunately passed away suddenly. As far as George and us were concerned your service has always been wonderful for which we do thank you and trust we will be able to continue with that relationship.

  222. Shane Dwyer says:

    Freaking love Siteground. It is a bit more than others, but the service is more than others. You get what you pay for.

  223. William Chu says:

    I’ve tried so many hosting providers in the past and none of them provides the same quality, fast and kind assistance without saying we have to charge this, charge that…..100% professional service and support every time when I reach them

  224. Nola McIntyre says:

    Once again thanks for your help SiteGround!

    DNS not the easiest of things to get to grip with and you always get me up and running straight away whenever I make a blunder :)

  225. Dawn Emerson says:

    I just cannot say enough about the Tech Support for SiteGround. I have had my website hosted on 3 different hosting companies before SiteGround. And every time i need Tech Support i realize, i have finally found the perfect Hosting company… yeah I know “perfect” really? Yes!!!! and the reason is the customer service and especially Tech Support! Everyone I have dealt with truly seems to care about each and every site, and to make sure you fully understand.
    The hosting cost my be more than the “other guys (who are all owned by one company just have different names for the hosting company’s)” but its like the old saying goes: ” You get what you pay for”

  226. Jo Huey says:

    Very thorough (1 hr) chat and whilst we didn’t resolve I felt confident that Stefan was trying lots of different things to fix the issue. Now I have to wait for advanced technical support to see what they can do.

    Appreciated the empathy and understanding.. Thanks Stefan

  227. Joseph Dellorfano says:

    Extremely helpful and patient. I am with Siteground because of the excellent customer support. This has been consistent! Thanks.

  228. Larissa Parks says:

    Doncho is the absolute best. If every single interaction I have with SiteGround is the delightful experience he gave me today in educating, empowering, positivity, and amazing attitude…he is the epitome of it all. He is a ROCKSTAR!

  229. Kamaljit Suman says:

    The customer service at Siteground is excellent. I have contacted them many times as a novice to website design with wordpress and have never been disappointed. I never have to wait long. The technical help is excellent, they’re very patient, always pleasant and cheerful, and always get the problem resolved. I have only had one occasion when one of the reps was unhelpful. On giving the experience a poor rating, I was contacted within minutes by a manager who took on my issue themselves and got the problem resolved. Impressive! And I’m still a satisfied customer as I couldn’t have asked for a better or more instantaneous response. Well done Siteground and your impressive technical help team.

  230. Mo Shihab says:

    Dimitar was a great agent! I had amazing service and help from him , he was patient , friendlly and willing to help at anything.

  231. Barbara Hums says:

    my experience with Siteground for the most part has been very good. You can call or chat and get help pretty quickly. In my opinion they are the best hosting company I have worked with.

  232. Anton says:

    I’m a new SiteGround cloud hosting customer. Thus far I’m very impressed with SiteGround. The process of moving and setting up websites is simple and effective. Every step of the way is well documented. Support is excellent.

    The SiteGround Optimizer plugin works as advertised. My sites are fast.

    I also like the fact that it is easy to manage every aspect of my installations.

    I’m impressed and pleased!

  233. Deborah A Outlaw says:

    I am so glad I have my sites hosted at SiteGround, they were very helpful in assisting me to get multiple websites transferred in and today promptly assisted me to be certain I got all my domains transferred in as well. They are awesome! Oh and also they are there to make sure you understand how to get the most out of all your services =) They ROCK!

  234. Michael F. Shapiro says:

    The Siteground technical support staff is extraordinary–knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and focused on resolving problems no matter how complex. They tracked down the source of our issue, troubleshot the situation and corrected the problem quickly–putting us back in operation without delay. We’re extremely satisfied, even “wowed” by the level of support. Thank you!

  235. Gordon Johnston says:

    I particularly appreciate that Nikola took the time to explain the problem to me, and showed me how I could fix it myself, should it arrive again in the future. This is exactly the reason Siteground service is so EXCELLENT!

  236. Brian M says:

    The support from SiteGround is excellent. I’m setting up shop as a web designer and trying to get all my operating procedures in place to set up client hosting accounts. They’ve been great answering all my questions.

  237. Lucy Schaaphok says:

    I am very happy with the help I got with transferring my website. The answer and action from siteground really helped. And as a bonus siteground helped me with some issues I did not think about. Really good support!!

  238. Greg Neise says:

    Once again, Siteground tech support has proven to be the best in the biz.

    Service above and beyond expectation.

  239. Rohit says:

    I will give 5 star ratting to the Support team they provide service in time. till now I have not faced any issue but I thought to migrate my site in Hostingraja as they are providing servers in India, after migration my site in new service provider I got the exact value of service and commitment provided by Sitegroud. Sitegroud is a trusted company that might be your plan little costally but they are providing excellent service and hosting server.

  240. Doris says:

    This was the first time I contacted SG Support Team. I couldn’t log in to my WordPress Site and kept getting the 401 ERROR message.
    The issue was sorted out via Chat.

    Therefore, I found it very useful and I am grateful. Hope I won’t encounter any major problem in the future.

  241. Richard Whyte says:

    Had a DNS error with email and Bozhidar stepped in to solve the issue quickly. Excellent level of service from him to dig into the depth of the Zone Editor and resolve this issue

  242. Sharon Betts says:

    Luca was unable to solve the question, but rapidly uploaded it to the tech team and they quickly fixed.

  243. Rehan H. says:

    I am not a technical person, so I need all the help I can get. So far, SG team has always been very quick to respond and address any issues I’ve faced and raised with them.

  244. Jen Auh says:

    Stanimir V was so helpful getting my site ready in no time. He was the one of the best technical supports I’ve ever received. This gives me a reason staying with Siteground. I have two sites hosting with Siteground. Hope he would available next time I need another help. Thank you so much for all your help, Stanimir!!

  245. Michael Guadalupe says:

    He was very helpful. answered as many questions and asked the right questions. Not resolved. That is a little disappointing.

  246. Roshan says:

    I just ran into an issue where my website was compromised or hacked. I chatted with Kayfun who was very prompt in setting up a scan. And within 15 minutes, Dimitar (believe he’s from the tech team) root caused the issue and removed the plugin that was apparently causing problems. A super quick response that didn’t expect (compared to my previous host). Keep up the good work team!

  247. Ryan says:

    Just had easily the best customer support experience in years, with Petar K from Siteground. Immediately helped me with a refund, gave me good advice on which plan was best for me, no upsell, just great service.

  248. Davie says:

    Great support from Doncho D. He made my experience so easy; as I was having so much trouble getting what needed to be done, he did everything so effortlessly and helped me so so much!

  249. Cheryl Smith says:

    Mladen M was so patient and so helpful! I appreciate you holding my hand through the process. I will feel much more competent the next time.

  250. Diane Pickens says:

    Lilko P. Worked with me for about 40min to make sure ALL was well. Not 1 time did he make me feel rushed. Having that customer service is refreshing. It’s a lost art.
    Thank you Lilko P. Your patience was very much appreciated.

  251. Patrick Kavanagh says:

    Cant say anything but great things about Siteground Support. Was disappointed recently when it was difficult to get to Support. Dont give up your support. Its outstanding and sets you above and apart from competition.

  252. Hava Cohen says:

    My site was down through a mistake of mine.
    I contacted support through chat and the wait was not very long. Support checked the problem and suggested to restore my site from a backup.
    I was guided on how to do it and the site was up again.
    Instead of giving me one fish, I learned how to fish. Next time I’ll solve the problem by my self.
    Thank you

  253. Jairo Sequeira says:

    Julian J provided me an excellent customer service. I believe his a great asset to SiteGround. He was patient and kind and knowledgeable.

  254. *Tim Howards says:

    I’ve used their chat support a couple of times now and every time I was helped quick and to the point. These people are doing a good job.

  255. Maryann Breece says:

    Unfortunately the rep was unable to assist me himself. He did provide a form and email for me to contact support to address my inability to access my account. Who knows when I will hear from them but he did what he could under strange rule set.

  256. Dean says:

    Fantastic assistance i have just had. I have to say i have had to make use of help team a few times. very quick and knowledgeable and have dealt with my problem. Thanks team

  257. Niktia says:

    I had automatic renewal but i didnt know. Money was charged and I ask to calncell subsription and make a chargeback. I they did it.
    Very good service. Thanks.

  258. Ryan Meuse says:

    Easy customer service! Needed to reverse a charge for hosting service, to take a break from publishing, due to some time constraints. Customer service resolved issue in less than 90 seconds with a refund. It shouldn’t be this easy. Thanks Siteground!

  259. john says:

    Having tried to move my website and causing havoc the help desk at Siteground got me through the process of doing it the right way and got everything up and running with grace and patience. Thanks Support team !

  260. Trenton Bennett says:

    Really helpful – I’m just getting set up and I needed to be sure I properly walked through the plan without finding out down the road that I’d set things up wrong.

    Here’s to hoping support continues to be good like this

  261. Miltos Lakkotrypis says:

    I am a non-techie and i wanted some information about migrating my page. They made everything crystal clear to me. Definitely gonna choose them as my hosts. I recommend it to any non-techie that needs good support in all steps.

  262. Dimitrios Syrmis says:

    Above and beyond!
    Best customer service on online services.
    I have been a customer for 2 years and every single time; they are kind, effective and helpful.
    Can’t think of better service in this space.

  263. Adam P says:

    So, I just moved from blue**** because their servers suck and what a difference! Site loads a whole second faster on siteground and the customer service is insane. Had 5 different tickets over the last three days and every single one was answered within 2 minutes and every issue resolved. Could not recommend more!

  264. Chris Mugnier says:

    Awesome support.
    it makes a big difference to contact support with 100% confidence they will fix quickly your problem.

    Fast, professional, friendly. I love SiteGround and highly recommend it.

  265. Nishant Chandravanshi says:

    Excellent Customer Services & Hosting too. I always get help from advisors in less time. I love SiteGround

  266. Rob says:

    Responsive, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. It doesn’t matter with whom I communicate, everyone on the team @ SiteGround answers every question I have; doing whatever it takes to troubleshoot any problem I may encounter along the way. Whether you’re pushing changes on your staging site(s) live or conducting a full site migration, you can’t go wrong with SiteGround. Hands down, the best web designer/developer-friendly hosting company I’ve partnered with on projects big & small.

  267. Oscar says:

    The worst in customer service that I have ever seen in any hosting service or any other kind, and I bought with them less than a month ago and for 3 times I have consulted them because I have not been familiar with their platform and made mistakes, I was tired of the technical assistance service because according to them I have used it many times, what else can be expected that they are not able to provide support to their new clients, it is disgusting and a total total desertion, as soon as I have the first opportunity I will change for another provider of Hosting …. I do not recommend it at all because it is also a confusing platform and difficult to work ..

    • Joe says:

      Sorry to hear that Oscar!

      I’ve hosted my website with SiteGround for years and have found them to be very helpful.

    • Khan says:

      been with SG for about 4 years now. and yes i completely agree.

      however would you believe they were absolute fabulous just a year ago? super services, response time and immaculate support. like, i wouldnt stop referring to my peers (without referrer link). they were literally 8/10.

      and now, since the start of this year. they “upgraded” their crappy cpanel, customer support has come down so much so that its ~4/10. like my sites are breaking just like that. push to staging requires a ticket almost every time.

      and mind you, besides 4 years customer, i have a “Growbig” membership. and now, i am getting mechanical responses, “please restore backup yourself”.

      its better you change to a different provider. search reddit on more feedback.

      i mean, as a small business/entrepreneur — SG is not a way to go. anymore.

      • Adam P says:

        That’s so weird. I just moved to them and had the absolute opposite experience (perhaps I’ve just been tortured for too long by blu**ost – yes, pity me): they answered every ticket basically immediately and walked me through every issue (I’ve had 5 queries in the last couple of days – I’m new to making websites)! Perhaps my problems are very basic…

        • James says:

          Yes, Bluehost is the worst and it is overrated in some WP related sites. Now SiteGround is heading in that direction.

      • James says:

        Is this site owned or sponsored by SiteGround? It is still moderating my comment and probably won’t publish it because it is very bad!!! Don’t bother to comment but just move out of this crappy SiteGround.

      • James says:

        How true! Same experience. I pay over $200 a month and my traffic is very low but the server keeps going down. Even after I upgrade further the same thing not only happens but things get worse!

  268. Nerav Mehta says:

    Very expensive on renewals and they make it very difficult to move. They wont tell you that you cant do backups if you have more than 5GB, then you have to do it all separately which for a non-expert is very difficult.

    • Ajaey Kuttappan says:

      I hope this is not true. I was worried about the cost increasing on renewals.Service wise I think they are good.

      • Ali says:

        Yes, expensive on renewals, but still I feel it’s worth it. I have tried 4 popular hosting providers and finally settled with Siteground.

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