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Top Nine Best Plugins for Creating Tables in WordPress (2024)

Tables are a fantastic way of presenting information in a way that’s logical and visually appealing. Readers can use them to digest quantitative information and statistics more easily, as they can scan the table for the information that’s relevant to them.

If the classic editor is active on your website, HTML tables can be added to your content by entering the HTML code for your table in the text editor or by copying and pasting a table into the visual editor.

The introduction of the Gutenberg Table Block means the core version of WordPress now supports table functionality. This is a user-friendly way of integrating tables into your content, however, there are better solutions available for creating tables in WordPress.

In this article, I’ll show you what I consider to be the best WordPress table plugins on the market today. All of these solutions use responsive designs so they look good on mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.

1. wpDataTables (FREE/$59+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 4.0 or Higher60,000+4.5 / 5

wpDataTables is a popular WordPress plugin that can be used to create responsive tables and charts.

A lite version of the plugin is available on, which helps you to see what’s available in the full version should you be considering upgrading. This version does live up to its ‘lite’ name by restricting most table creation options and chart functionality.

When you create a table, you’re presented with five options:

  • Create a table that’s linked to an existing data source
  • Create a table manually
  • Import a table
  • Generate a query to the WordPress database
  • Generate a query to a MySQL database

In the free version, you can only create a table by importing a table file in excel, CSV, JSON, XML or serialized PHP array format.

Creating a Table in Download wpDataTables

While many features are restricted in the lite version of wpDataTables, I’m impressed by how great the tables look and by how many configuration options and sorting options are available. Each column can be modified to suit your needs.

The paid version, wpDataTables Premium, unlocks many great features, including advanced email and SMS notifications, front-end editable tables, conditional formatting and filtering. There is also support for foreign key table relations and data can also be presented in over 40 types of charts.

The full version of wpDataTables is still being sold on CodeCanyon for $299, but the developers now offer their product on their own official website for a more affordable $59 a year. This rises to $109 a year if you need support for three domains and $249 a year for support for an unlimited number of domains.

All licenses offer the same features and come with a 15-day money-back guarantee. Add-ons are also available for additional functionality and integrations.

wpDataTables Table Example


  • Tables can be created from scratch or imported from many different sources such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PHP and MySQL queries
  • Has support for all popular WordPress page builders
  • Over 40 chart types are available to help you visualise data
  • Many different column types are available to help you format data correctly
  • Offers advanced features such as conditional formatting, column calculations, filtering, lazy loading, cell merging and more
  • Can be used for many different types of tables including pricing tables, statistic tables, product comparison tables, financial tables and more

Best Suited To:

wpDataTables is ideally suited to those that want a flexible table solution that can create a variety of different table types.

I encourage you to test the free version of wpDataTables to get a full appreciation of how great the tables look and how easily they can be customised.

If you’re looking for more table creation options and support for charts and advanced features such as conditional logic, you should consider the full version of wpDataTables. It’s now available for only $59 per year, which is fantastic value for money.

2. TablePress (FREE)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 5.6 or Higher800,000+5 / 5

With over 800,000 active installations, TablePress is by far the most popular WordPress table solution on the market. After using the table plugin for a few minutes, you’ll understand why.

Despite being free to download, TablePress offers dozens of configuration options, custom CSS for styling tables, and the ability to import and export tables in a number of formats. I was able to import a CSV table in seconds and then rearrange data using drag and drop.

Adjusting data in your table is simple. Once you’ve selected rows and columns, they can be hidden, shown, duplicated, inserted and deleted. Cells can also be combined and there are buttons for inserting links and images, as well as an advanced editor that gives you more control over your content.

TablePress Table Data

The table options section is located under your table. From here, you can modify table colours, define the table name and enter custom CSS classes. Sorting and pagination options are located here too.

Twenty plugin extensions are available for TablePress which extends functionality further. Six extensions are related to front-end table behaviour, nine extensions add additional features to the DataTables JavaScript library and three extensions give additional options in the admin area. The last extension allows you to change the table shortcode to avoid conflicts with other WordPress plugins.

Seven of the extensions are marked as premium. Interestingly, rather than charge a set fee, the developer of the plugin, Tobias Bäthge, allows everyone to download premium extensions free of charge. All he asks in return is a small donation of around $12.

Some extensions worth checking out are responsive tables (premium), PHP code in table cells, DataTables Buttons (premium) and DataTables Column Filter.

Be sure to check out the extensions page for the full list.

TablePress Table Example


  • A user-friendly table solution that is easy to use
  • Tables can be imported and exported using CSV, HTML, JSON and XLS file formats
  • Multiple data formats are supported in tables
  • The 20 available plugin extensions introduce many additional features and functionality such as sorting, pagination and filtering

Best Suited To:

TablePress is ideally suited to those that want to easily create basic tables.

TablePress is a fantastic WordPress table plugin that’s easy to recommend: It’s free to download, simple to use and supports table imports.

Compared with other WordPress table plugins on the market, TablePress doesn’t offer sufficient styling options to let you change the look and feel of tables (you have to use CSS). It also lacks some of the advanced features that some premium alternatives offer.

3. Ninja Tables (FREE/$49+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 4.5 or Higher70,000+4.5 / 5

Ninja Tables is a great-looking table solution with many styling options that supports the import and export of tables in CSV and JSON format.

In the main plugin options area, you can select Symmetric UI, Bootstrap 4 or Bootstrap 3 as the default styling library. From here, you can also select from 13 table colour schemes and define whether table elements, such as borders, titles and descriptions, are displayed.

Importing a Table in Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables excels in styling customisation. The main table design page shows you how your table will look on desktop, tablet and mobile. Most table features can be enabled and disabled at the click of a button, and the changes are shown immediately in the table preview.

You can assign one of the 13 pre-defined colour schemes to the table. Alternatively, you can create your own custom colour scheme using colour pickers. There are lots of pagination and sorting options for your table too as well as boxes for adding custom CSS and Javascript.

Ninja Tables Pro retails at $49 for a single license, $99 for up to 20 websites and $299 for an unlimited website and lifetime license.

Upgrading unlocks front-end table editing, drag-and-drop table editing, unlimited colour schemes, WooCommerce integration, conditional column filtering, cell combination, advanced sorting options and the ability to connect to Google Sheets.

Ninja Tables Table Design


  • Pre-made table styles are available to help you create data tables, pricing tables, comparison tables and more
  • An integrated table builder helps you create and style unique tables using drag and drop
  • Tables can be imported and exported using CSV and JSON file formats
  • Ninja Tables Pro adds integration support for Google Sheets and WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce
  • Upgrading also unlocks advanced features such as conditional formatting, data filtering, cell merging and support for adding WordPress posts and pages into tables

Best Suited To:

Ninja Tables is ideally suited to those who value features and want a table builder that simplifies the process of creating stylish tables.

Ninja Tables is a highly configurable table solution that gives you full control over the look of your tables.

I didn’t find the free version to be restrictive in any way, but you can access many more advanced features by upgrading to Ninja Tables Pro. At only $49 for a single license, it shouldn’t break the bank.

I recommend trying out Ninja Tables to see for yourself what it can do.

4. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic (FREE/$46+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 6.0 or Higher30,000+4.5 / 5

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is a versatile table solution that offers dozens of options, letting you make changes to your table and table design. It also lets you view how table modifications look on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Multiple responsive modes are available for tables and you have full control over your table colour scheme and how your tables are structured. CSS styling is available too.

You can enter table data on the editor page and a visual editor allows you to format text and insert links and images. Additional options, such as diagrams, conditional logic, and collapsible rows, are available in the editor if you upgrade to Data Tables Generator Pro.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic Appearance

I’m impressed by what’s included in the free version of Data Tables Generator, but a number of features are only available in Data Tables Generator Pro. For example, while you can save and clone tables in the free version, you can only import and export tables if you upgrade.

A pro license costs $46 for one website, $69 for five websites and $149 for an unlimited number of websites.

Upgrading also unlocks the diagrams, table history and source tabs at the top of the main editor. The WooCommerce tab at the end refers to a separate plugin called WooCommerce Product Table that can be integrated with Data Tables Generator.

Nine types of diagrams and charts are available: Area chart, line chart, pie chart, bar chart, column chart, bubble chart, 3D bar chart, 3D donut and pie chart, and 3D pyramid. The table history feature lets you see how front-end editable tables have been modified.

The source feature can be useful too, allowing you to build a table from fields in your WordPress database or an external database.

An Example of Data Tables Generator by Supsystic


  • Can be used to create many different types of tables
  • Integrated table editor helps you build and style tables, merge cells, insert media and more
  • Supports multiple data formats
  • Features sorting, searching, pagination, cell highlighting, calculations and hidden fields
  • Advanced features such as charts and conditional logic are available if you upgrade

Best Suited To:

Data Tables Generator is ideally suited to those that desire an integrated table editor and value many customisation options.

The main interface of Data Tables Generator by Supsystic looks a little dated, though the plugin has many useful styling features and its built-in editor simplifies the process of formatting data the way you want.

Upgrading to the pro version makes premium functionality available including charts and conditional logic. Perhaps more importantly, it also adds the ability to import and export tables.

5. Posts Table (FREE / $69+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 5.0 or Higher4,000+4.5 / 5

Posts Table is a useful WordPress table solution that can be used to display WordPress posts automatically in stylish tables. The free version of the plugin limits you to blog posts, but Posts Table Pro also allows uploaded media such as audio, video and documents. It’s a practical solution for large tables as it provides tools such as filters, searching and sortable columns.

Tables can be automatically created in Posts Table Pro using WordPress posts, pages, WooCommerce products and custom WordPress post types. Custom fields and taxonomies are also supported and you can style tables from the main settings area using colour boxes.

This versatility means that Posts Table Pro can be used to create document libraries, podcast lists, member directories, event tables, video libraries and more. There are no advanced data features such as conditional logic and formulas, but you can still use the plugin to create data tables if you wish.

Posts Table Pro Settings

Using AJAX lazy loading, large tables can be filtered in an instant to help users view content. Images can be displayed in tables and embedded players are available for audio and video. This helps users digest your content more easily.

A single license for Posts Table Pro retails at £59 per year for a single website license, £99 per year for a five website license and £249 per year for a 20 website license. VAT is added to purchases too. Lifetime licenses are also available at £179, £299 and £699, respectively. These are worth considering if you plan on renewing your license for a few years.

No free trial of Posts Table Pro is available, though all purchases do include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Posts Table Pro


  • Fantastic support for WordPress post types and media such as audio, video and documents
  • Users can dynamically change what content is displayed using filters, sortable columns and search
  • Styling options are available in the settings area for headers, rows, borders and more
  • Embedded media players allow you to integrate rich media into tables
  • Support for table caching and AJAX loading ensures even large tables load quickly

Best Suited To:

Posts Table is ideally suited to those that want to integrate WordPress content and rich media into tables.

Many table plugins do have support for inserting WordPress content, but Posts Table Pro takes it to the next level. The free version is useful for displaying blog posts in a table, though the pro version supports all WordPress post types as well as media, custom fields and taxonomies. This makes it a fantastic solution for creating tables automatically using your existing content.

6. Visualizer (FREE / €99+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 5.6 or Higher40,000+4.5 / 5

Visualizer is a table and chart manager that allows you to pull data from a number of sources and then display them in beautiful charts. The plugin builds charts using Google Visualization API, and ChartJS, with each chart being displayed using HTML5 or vector graphics.

In the free version of Visualizer, you can create tables, line charts, bar charts and pie charts. Once you have selected a table or chart type, you can import data in CSV or JSON format. At the front-end, you can allow users to print your data and download it in CSV and Excel file formats.

Colour options are available for headers, rows, columns and individual cells. You can also configure the number of rows, pagination and prefixes. The available styling and configuration settings change when creating charts. For example, you gain additional controls over sizes and positioning.

Creating a Pie Chart

The core version of Visualizer is useful for creating simple charts, but it does not let you create tables from scratch. Instead, it forces you to import all data. Visualizer Pro addresses this issue by allowing you to add data manually, from other charts and from WordPress. Upgrading also adds 11 additional chart types including column, bubble, scatter and geo.

Once data has been imported into the pro version, you can then edit it directly using a data editor. There’s an option to allow users to edit tables and charts too and charts can be made private if you wish.

The pro version of Visualizer retails at €99 per year for a single license, €199 per year for a three-website license and €399 per year for an unlimited website license.

Visualizer Column Chart


  • A total of 15 colourful table and chart types are available
  • A number of styling and customisation options are available for each type of table and chart
  • Data can be imported in a number of different ways
  • The available charts look professional and help users digest complex data more easily

Best Suited To:

Visualizer is ideally suited to those that need to show their data in a variety of charts.

Visualizer is not the best WordPress plugin on the market for displaying tables, but it stands out from the crowd due to its beautiful chart designs. Just be aware that data cannot be entered manually unless you upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

7. League Table ($39)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 4.9 or Higher2,500+4.8 / 5

League Table is a responsive table solution that features sortable columns, support for WordPress Multisite and support for multiple languages.

A spreadsheet editor simplifies the process of copying data from spreadsheets into tables or, if you prefer, you can import tables via XML format. Tables can also be backed up in this format.

The free version of the plugin has dozens of configuration options to help you sort columns, style your tables, adjust alignment and modify responsive breakpoints.


The number of options available in League Table Pro is impressive. It boasts 105 options per table, 17 options per cell and 13 general options.

You can change table width, colours, fonts and more. Each cell can be customised too. You can adjust fonts and background colours, apply mathematical formulas, add custom HTML code and more.

There are many sorting options too and, if you wish, you can allow users to sort data in tables themselves.

League Table Example


  • Has 135 customisation options
  • Gives great styling and colour options for tables
  • Can be used for league tables, tournament data, financial data and more
  • Tables can be imported and exported using XML
  • Supports several different data types

Best Suited To:

League Table is ideally suited to those that are looking to publish league and tournament tables.

League Table is available on CodeCanyon for only $39. It’s an affordable table solution that’s incredibly versatile and is a good choice for anyone looking to create tables for sports leagues, financial data tables, pricing tables and more.

8. Tablesome (FREE / $38)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 5.2 or Higher2,000+4.5 / 5

Tablesome is one of the most unique table WordPress plugins on the market. It can be used to automatically create tables from form submissions and to publish form entries as posts and pages.

The free version of Tablesome works with four WordPress form plugins: Contact Form 7, WPForms, Forminator and Elementor Forms. A trigger and various actions can be processed when a form submission is made. Form submission actions include adding a record to a Notion database, adding a contact to a MailChimp email list and adding a new row to a Tablesome table.

Creating a Table in Tablesome

Default styling can be defined for tables on the main plugin settings page. This styling can be overridden on an individual basis if required.

A seven-day trial is available for Tablesome Pro. Once the trial period has expired, it costs $38 per year for a single license, $91 per year for a five-website license and $199 per year for a 25-website license.

The pro version of Tablesome allows you to add checkboxes to tables, duplicate tables and rows, integrate table buttons and insert sponsored links. Advanced date filters are also available.

Tablesome Table Example


  • A unique solution that lets you create tables from form submissions
  • Table styling can be inherited from your WordPress theme or customised from the plugin settings area
  • Tables include tools such as searching, filtering and sorting
  • Works with four popular WordPress form plugins
  • Tables can be imported and exported in XLSX and CSV file formats

Best Suited To:

Tablesome is ideally suited to those that want to create tables from their form submission content.

Tablesome was created for website owners who want to do more with the content that is submitted on their forms. It can be used to build unique tables from form submissions and to update records on MailChimp and Notion. There are not many other solutions on the market that offers this functionality.

9. WP Table Builder (FREE / $39+)

RequirementsActivate InstallationsPlugin Rating
WordPress 4.9 or Higher50,000+5 / 5

My final recommendation is the drag and drop table solution WP Table Builder. It’s a user-friendly table plugin that lets you create professional tables in seconds.

In the free version of WP Table Builder, you can choose to create a table using a blank canvas or from an employee table template. Data can be entered manually or imported using CSV, XML and ZIP files.

Tables can then be populated with text, buttons, images, lists, star ratings, shortcodes and custom HTML. A number of styling options are available in the table builder to help you define borders, styling, scrolling, tags and more.

WP Table Builder Elements

The pro version of WP Table Builder retails at $39 per year for a single website license, $79 per year for a 1,000 website license and $249 per year for an unlimited number of websites. A 14-day money-back guarantee is provided with all purchases.

When you upgrade, you gain access to around 20 additional templates. This includes Amazon product boxes, comparison tables, pricing tables, pros and cons tables and more. Additional styling options are also made available in addition to new elements for circle ratings, icons, styled icons, ribbons and styled lists.

WP Table Builder Product Table


  • The integrated table builder can be used to create professional tables in minutes
  • Many styling options are available to help you style headers, rows, columns and cells
  • Icons, images and ratings can be easily added to tables using drag and drop
  • Tables can be imported and exported using CSV, XML and ZIP file formats

Best Suited To:

WP Table Builder is ideally suited to affiliate marketers and content creators as it’s easy to use and offers many pre-made table templates.

Marketers will love how easy it is to insert ratings and images into tables using WP Table Builder. It really simplifies the process of displaying affiliate content, particularly in the pro version where there are multiple templates available for pricing tables and product comparison tables.

Honourable Mentions

The Gutenberg Table Block isn’t going to win a prize for being the best table solution on the market, but its inclusion in the core version of WordPress makes it a good choice for basic tables.

Rows and columns can be easily added to your table. When you click on a cell, the top editor allows you to format text as bold, italic or as a strikethrough. Links, code and images can also be added. A few basic colour settings are available too, though customisation is limited.

A nice alternative to the Gutenberg Table Block is Flexible Table Block. The plugin offers many colour options and allows you to merge and split cells.

Gutenberg Table Block

An interesting WordPress plugin to check out if you have an online shop is WooCommerce Product Table. It provides a number of styling and customisation options to help you create beautiful product tables from your store’s products.

WooCommerce Product Table

If you’re trying to modernise your existing tables, you should check out Table Sorter. The plugin enhances all existing tables on your website by making columns sortable. It’s a quick and easy way of modernising HTML tables that have been embedded into your content.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a great selection of table solutions available to WordPress users. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to test a few solutions to see which one suits your needs best.

Below is a summary of all the solutions that we recommend for integrating tables into your website. My advice is to test many of these solutions to help you make an informed decision.

PluginFree VersionPro VersionSummary
wpDataTablesYes$59 Per YearA highly-customisable solution that can be used for many different table types
League TableYes$39Developed for sports leagues and tournament tables, but can be adapted and used for many different types of tables
TablePressYes$12A simple solution which can be enhanced using 20 available plugin extensions
Ninja TablesYes$49 Per YearAn attractive plugin that boasts a fantastic table builder that helps you create and style unique table designs.
Data Tables GeneratorYes$46 Per YearA versatile WordPress table plugin that has many customisation options and advanced features
Posts TableYes$69 Per YearA powerful table solution that lets you create tables automatically from WordPress content and media
VisualizerYes€99 Per YearA table and chart manager that can be used to display data using many different chart types
TablesomeYes$38 Per YearA unique table solution that lets you build tables automatically using form submissions
WP Table BuilderYes$39 Per YearA drag and drop table building solution that helps marketers improve conversions

Used/using any of the above? Thoughts?

By Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about internet marketing on his personal blog and actively talks about technology on YouTube.
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