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‘Stats of the Woo’ – Infographic

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If you’ve been following the growth of WordPress as a platform, you’ll no-doubt be aware that WordPress now powers over 25% of all websites — an incredible statistic! But how about the growth of WooCommerce? Well, that too, is huge! WooCommerce now powers well in excess of a million websites — nearly 38% of all online stores: more than any other eCommerce platform!

Indeed, if you’ve been following the growth of WordPress, you may also know all about Matt Mullenweg’s (the head honcho at Automattic — the company behind annual ‘State of the Word‘ speech. But how about his new (presumed-to-be-annual) ‘State of the Woo’ speech (note: not yet available online – check back for a link later)? A speech in which he details the past, present and future of WooCommerce.

Missed it? Shucks… Thankfully, the folks over at WP Engine have not only put together a rather nice summary of all the main points in an insightful blog post, they’ve also created a pretty fab (and super easy to digest) infographic on the main figures, entitled ‘Stats of the Woo‘ (in similar fashion to an earlier graphic of theirs named ‘Stats of the Word‘)…

‘Stats of the Woo’ – Infographic:


Stats of the Woo

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– infographic by WP Engine.

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