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Layers Page-Builder Pre-made Template Designs (A Mini Showcase)…

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There’s been a lot of talk in the world of WordPress lately about page-builder themes and plugins. Heck, we’ve even done a couple of posts on these ourselves lately (including one on WPMU DEV’s new ‘Upfront‘ page builder). And now we have the release of ‘Layers‘ — a brand new free page-builder theme by Obox Themes — which looks superb!

Now, when it comes to page builders, Chris Lema knows a thing or two (and also when it comes to a whole heap of other things, like membership plugins for example; but let’s leave those for another day), so when I saw his latest post on comparing Layers with Upfront, I was keen to get reading. He makes some excellent points — as you can probably imagine — but one point he made about Layers in particular really got me wondering:

“…the pre-made templates for pages really help site owners get a huge head start.”

I couldn’t agree more of course, but I also couldn’t help wondering more about these ‘pre-made templates’. How many are there and what do they actually look like; so I cracked open a fresh copy of Layers (for the first time actually — what can I say, I’ve been busy these last few days!) to take a look…

A Mini Template-Showcase:

It turns out there’s currently seven pre-built templates/layouts that come baked into Layers. Here’s a mini showcase showing each style — presented entirely as they appear* when you first choose them from within Layers.


Layers Application Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

Contact Page:

Layers Contact Page Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

Landing Page:

Layers Landing Page Template - Screenshot

(view full size)


Layers Lookbook Page Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

One Pager:

Layers One Pager Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

Portfolio Page:

Layers Portfolio Page Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

Video Page:

Layers Video Page Template - Screenshot

(view full size)

Plus, there’s also an entirely blank template page for those brave enough to create their own design/s from scratch!

…and finally, if you’re wondering what a few ‘finished’ designs might look like based on these templates, you’ll be pleased to know there’s also a number of official demo sites created by Obox to showcase what’s possible with this pretty darn-impressive page builder of theirs; take a look at Sunset Coffee, Weather, Laces & Soles and Acquire.

To find out more about Layers, head on over to the official site for more info.

*except for the title of the site, which we’ve set to “Taking Layers for a Spin”.

Had a go of Layers yet? Thoughts?

By Brin Wilson

Founder of WinningWP - passionate about all things WordPress! Find me on Twitter.
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  1. Matt Medeiros says:

    Pre-designed layouts are great and super-useful for folks who want to save time building a WordPress website. I like what Obox is doing, though I’d offer up an alternative, Conductor Plugin.

    We also have a handful of predesigned layouts and it doesn’t lock you into a theme. Our solution is plugin and widget based and doesn’t build a whole new experience on top of WordPress. Just wanted to add my side of the story :)

    • davidperel says:

      Hey Matt,

      Don’t you find there’s a lot of support with regards to your plugin working with other themes code / setting etc?

      • Matt Medeiros says:

        Hey David,

        Great question. As I’m sure you’ve experienced we can’t cover every theme, but we try our best. Our first guiding principal is to follow the markup as closely as core WordPress dictates. From there, we build add-ons for other popular themes/frameworks like Genesis.

        I think what makes you and I different, is our approach to building pages. I want to focus more on the display and layout of content, while Layers focuses on the entire design of the site. In fact, I’d argue that I would rather be a complimentary product to my perceived competition. :)

        Keep on rocking it!

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