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A plugin named MP6? Introducing a brand new WordPress UI design!

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As those who’ve been keeping up to date with WordPress development news will already be aware, during the development of WordPress 3.6 two major new features were dropped: post formats (more on post formats in a later post) and a new icon aesthetic, which, since being pulled in Feb 2013, seems to have snowballed into a whole new admin redesign – which, unlike most new core developments up until now, is actually being openly developed as a separate downloadable plugin (not recommended for non-savy users), named MP6 (which allegedly “doesn’t stand for anything”). So how does this new admin design look? Let’s take a, errr, look:

The current dashboard design (for comparison):

Current WordPress Admin Design - Screenshot

(click to expand)

The new default design (via MP6 version 1.9):

New WordPress Admin Design - Screenshot

(click to expand)

…which, incidentally, also comes in blue:

New WordPress Admin Design in Blue - Screenshot

(click to expand)

For more on MP6 (and before installing it) check out the official (secret?) MP6 plugin page and, if you’re interested in following the relevant updates/developments, the official Make WordPress UI blog.

Thoughts? First impressions?

Note: MP6 is a plugin that breaks the current wp-admin UI, and is not recommended for non-savvy users.


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