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You’ll Win With WordPress – Infographic

With a title like “You’ll Win With WordPress“, how could we not cover this particular infographic (below)?! Although, truth be told, I personally think a better title would have been “WordPress For The Win” — or maybe “WordPress All The Things!”. Lol

Anyway, as we all know by now, WordPress now powers well over 25% of all websites — which is really pretty darn amazing! But what other stats about WordPress do you know? How about the fact that each new version gets downloaded somewhere in the region of 40million+ times?! Or that’s there’s now well over 3000 themes and 44,000 plugins?

For a whole bunch of interesting stats on just how dominant WordPress has become, take a quick look through the following graphic from WP Engine

‘You’ll Win With WordPress’ – Infographic:


You'll Win With WordPress - WP Engine Infographic

(click to enlarge)

– infographic by WP Engine.

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