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Three Great Posts On All That’s New In WordPress Version 4.5

Led by Mike Schroder and named after tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, WordPress 4.5 has arrived!

If you’re the type of user who’s all into writing content with the visual editor and/or making changes to your site using the customizer, then you’ll likely find this quite an exciting release, because these are the two main areas WordPress 4.5 focuses in on. In the words of the official release video, WordPress 4.5 aims to “streamline your workflow, whether you’re writing your content, or building your website”.

Now, normally, we’d delve into all that’s new in a new release here on WinningWP, however, just to shake things up a little — and because a few good folk have already done a rather impressive job of it all already — we thought we’d take a break from the norm by simply pointing out a few of the best posts on the subject already published elsewhere…

Quicker off the mark than almost everyone else to get a piece out this time around, Brian Krogsgard’s write up over on Post Status does an excellent job of both introducing the main features of the release AND adding a few extra bits of interesting info into the mix. If you’re more of a developer than a regular WordPress user, this is a great post to start with. Good job Brian!

Next up, is Sarah Gooding’s post over on WPTavern’s post — in which she once again does a fantastic summary-type post on the main highlights of the release (perfect for anyone simply wanting a quick read on the subject).

Thirdly, in line with their always impressive series on new releases, WPBeginner’s coverage of what’s new in WordPress 4.5 does a very nice job of both introducing the main new features and going into a few of the most important ones in little more depth than most. Nicely done!

And lastly, if all you want are the plain facts and little else, be sure to take a look at the official (and rather sparse) WordPress blog entry on the matter.

Note: for a complete list of all that’s new in WordPress 4.5, check out the official version 4.5 codex.

Stay tuned for news and info on WordPress 4.6 (scheduled for release in August 2016) and, most importantly, remember to always make a complete backup before updating!

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