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Three Great Posts On All That’s New In WordPress Version 5.0 (+Gutenberg)

So the long-awaited WordPress 5.0 is finally here. Released a few days ago, this is a BIG release – with a potentially very disruptive change: a brand new page and post editor named ‘Gutenberg‘.

Before you go ahead and update, there’s some important reading to do — and a decision whether or not you should dive in, activate and learn to use Gutenberg straight away, or stick with the old editor (now referred to as the ‘Classic Editor’) a little longer. Oh, and there’s also a brand new default theme too.

However, instead of delving into all you need to know here on WinningWP, since there’s already a whole bunch of great (and in-depth) information on this published elsewhere, we figured it makes more sense to simply link out to a few the best posts on the subject on other sites.

1. As usual, one of the first to cover the new release was, of course, WPTavern with a short but sweet article (perfect for anyone simply wanting a quick read).

2. Next up, and with a little more user-focused information comes an article from Shawn Hesketh at WP101.

3. And thirdly, comes an article from Kinsta, which goes a little deeper still into the subject.

And lastly, to hear all about both why these changes are taking place at all, and where WordPress is headed (plus a heap of other also-relevant information), be sure to listen to Matt Mullenweg’s annual ‘State of The Word’ presentation – and/or read a handy write up of this by Brian Krogsgard over on Post Status.

Note: for a complete list of all that’s new in WordPress 5.0, check out the official version 5.0 support page.

Next comes an expansion of Gutenberg (amongst other things of course) – release schedule yet to be announced. And remember, as always be sure to make a complete backup before updating anything at all!

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