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Three Great Posts On All That’s New In WordPress Version 4.9

Named after jazz musician and bandleader William Lee Tipton, WordPress 4.9, ‘Tipton’, is here!

This particular release is mainly about improving the customizer workflow, but also includes a few very long-awaited improvements to the in-dashboard code editing experiences! Plus also a brand new gallery widget and improvements to theme browsing and switching. In the words of the official announcement post, WordPress 4.8 includes “Major Customizer Improvements, Code Error Checking, and More!”.

Now, instead of delving into all that’s new in here on WinningWP, since there’s already a whole bunch of similar posts already published elsewhere, we thought we’d simply link out to a few the best posts on the subject already published elsewhere (rather than re-invent the wheel)…

As usual, one of the first to cover the new release was WPTavern with a nice concise non-opinionated article (perfect for anyone simply wanting a quick read on what’s new).

Next up, and with a little more opinion (although still really pretty short) is Brian Krogsgard’s post over on Post Status.

And thirdly, comes an article written by Chris Fitzgerald on CodeinWP that includes a little more depth and some nice illustrative screenshots.

Note: for a complete list of all that’s new in WordPress 4.9, check out the official version 4.9 codex.

Next up comes WordPress 5.0 – possibly with the new Guttenberg editor/block builder included – which will be a very big change indeed! (release schedule yet to be announced) and, perhaps most importantly, remember to always make a complete backup before updating anything!

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