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How To Move Your WordPress Blog-Page To A New Page On Your Site (Video Tutorial)

With many WordPress themes/setups, the blog page is, by default, on the first page of your site (i.e. the ‘homepage’). But what if you’d like to move the blog part of your site to a new page? A completely new page? No problem!

Let’s take a look how to do this…

How to move your WordPress blog page to a page (i.e. not your homepage)?

Direct link to watch the video over on YouTube.

– (note: video credits to Topher DeRosia – creator of HeroPress)

Video Transcript:

Hi! this is Topher with WinningWP. In this video, I’m going to show you how to move your WordPress blog to a new page. By default, the homepage of WordPress is a blog. Here we have an example, there’s my blog post. And I’m right on my homepage. So in order to make my blog be some other page, I need to make both a homepage and another page for the blog. So let me show you where to do that. We go to pages. Then we want to add new. And we’ll make a homepage. And I’m just gonna write real quick. And publish. And now we want a blog page. Now the titles of these don’t really matter right now. WordPress knows how to handle them when we do our next step. There, now I have two pages, blog and home. And I’d like to point out that if you already have pages that you want to use for this, you can. I created them because I didn’t have them before. But now we want to go to Settings → Reading. And this is the magic. Right here, we’re going to click our homepage displays, a static page. And then we can choose our pages. And now I’m going to click save changes. I’m going to go back to our website and reload. And here’s our homepage and it says home, this is my homepage. And we’ll go back to pages. Note that it says right here on this page, this is your posts page and this is homepage. We’ll click view on your blog page. And there we are. So now we have one page for our homepage and another page for our blog page. Now I mentioned that it doesn’t really matter what we call them right now. I’d like to point out that on the homepage, our title did appear and our content does appear. So you can make those be anything you want. But on blog while we do have our title here, our content is not used anywhere. Furthermore, none of the settings on the blog page are used anywhere. So if we made page attributes or featured image or anything like that, none of that would get used on this page, only the title. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, check out

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  1. Miastowy says:

    I moved my website from blogger to wordpress, over time from wordpress to blogger. It is quite simple, but not everything works afterwards, even the graphics. But it is not very problematic.

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