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Top Eight Best Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

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Getting a ton of traffic to your website doesn’t mean much if your visitors don’t do whatever it is you’d like them to.

Whether your goal is to build your newsletter-subscription list, sell more products or services, etc, you have a website for a reason!

In reality, however, it can often prove to be very difficult to convince your visitors to do any of these things — not least because we’re all still a little skeptical from time to time!

Having a successful website depends on establishing trust with your visitors — and social proof, like testimonials, can often help by increasing credibility, which in turn encourages both adoption and acceptance.

Top 7 WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonial plugins generally work by allowing you to add testimonials to your website in the form of custom post types — and give you a variety of ways to display your testimonials as widgets, full pages, slideshows, and more. Many of them also offer various ways to not only display testimonials, but also collect them, such as by adding a form to your website for visitors to fill in, or even gathering them for you via social media!

There are a lot of testimonial plugins out there, in the following list I’ll be focusing on plugins that:

  1. are popular and highly-rated,
  2. are currently being updated and supported by the developer, and
  3. have some unique feature(s) to set them apart from the rest!

Hopefully you’ll find this list extremely useful in helping you find the perfect testimonial plugin — and if, by chance, we happen to have missed your favorite plugin, let us know in the comments below!

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use, basic plugin that still packs a lot of features. It’s also one of the most popular, with over 80,000 downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars! And I have to say, it’s my favorite on this list — I’ve been using it on several of my sites for a quite while now.

With Easy Testimonials, you can display your testimonials as a customized widget, or add them to any post or page with a variety of shortcodes. You can also use the Settings menu to generate your own shortcodes with custom display options.

One of the best features of this plugin is the ability to control how the testimonials display. There are over 30 different display styles you can choose from, so you can customize the look without having to learn CSS. There’s also a field in the settings menu to enter custom CSS if you want to fine-tune the display further.

The plugin is pretty self-explanatory and simple to use, but it also has extensive documentation if you get stuck. Many of the reviews also note that the developer is quick to help out with any issues.

There’s also a Pro version that lets you collect testimonials on your website front end with a form, among other premium features.

But the free version has plenty of features already. You can:

  • Display random testimonials in your sidebars, pages, or posts
  • Choose from cool transition effects like slides or fadeout
  • Include ratings and images with your testimonials, with Schema.org markup
  • Link testimonials to a custom URL (like a product page)

…to list but four of many!

Official Website

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is themost downloaded WordPress testimonial plugin on the market. With over 80,000 active installations and over 175 5-star ratings.

With Strong Testimonials, it’s easy to both showcase testimonials and customize them. If you’re looking for a plugin that’s particularly flexible, this one is that’s definitely worth checking out because with the premium custom fields and custom properties extensions, customizing testimonial attributes and collecting additional information is really easy.

While running into issues is unlikely because the plugin is user-friendly, you’ll be pleased to hear that their documentation is also thorough.

Strong Testimonials Pro includes the following premium extensions:

  • Country Selector: This will allow your customers to selecttheir country when submitting testimonials.
  • SEO-friendly Markup: Properly configure Schema.org Markup for your testimonials.
  • Custom Properties: Change properties ofthe testimonial post type: labels, permalink structure, admin options, and posteditor features.
  • Advanced Views: Customize testimonials beyond thetraditional star ratings with the Advanced Views extension.
  • Assignment: Assign testimonials to custom post types foreasier management and filtering.
  • Multiple Forms: Easily collect testimonials from customersby creating and customizing multiple forms at once.
  • Custom Form Fields: Do more with the Custom Fieldsextension by both collecting and displaying additional information.
  • …and more.

Official Website

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget WordPress Plugin

Testimonials Widget is one of the most popular testimonial plugins, and when you look at all the included features, it’s easy to see why.

With this plugin, you’re not just limited to testimonials, you can also use it to display portfolio projects and reviews. Each testimonial can include videos as well as images and text, and supports categories and tags, and review schema for rich snippets. Once created, the plugin lets you display each of these via shortcodes, widgets, or functions in your theme files.

…and ideal choice then, for a designer/developer wishing to display a range of different types of client testimonials on a portfolio website, for example.

A few other great features that set this plugin apart:

  • Choose from carousel, fade, or slide transitions
  • Filter by category, tag, or post ID
  • Responsive slideshows

The testimonials display with basic styling and minimal options to change the look, so if you want more display options, you’ll have to know at least a little CSS to really customize how things get displayed.

There’s also a premium version available that includes both support from the developer and a lot more features. Note: although the free version doesn’t include direct support, it’s worth mention that there’s an available knowledge base that provides a certain level of community support.

Official Website

Testimonial Basics

Testimonial Basics WordPress Plugin

Testimonial Basics is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that make it very easy to add testimonials without complicated options and configurations. There are styling options, including nine different fonts, so you can customize the look easily without having to know any CSS. Many of the reviews note how easy it is to configure and use — a great choice then perhaps, if you don’t want to spend much time figuring things out or messing with any code.

The testimonials support both a five-star rating system and Gravatars so you don’t have to upload any images (providing, of course, that the author of the testimonial has a Gravatar associated with their email address).

There are input forms included, either as shortcodes or widgets, so you can collect testimonials from customers/clients directly on your website. You can also display your testimonials with shortcodes or widgets. Furthermore, this particular plugin is also available in French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.

Official Website

HMS Testimonials

HMS Testimonials WordPress Plugin

HMS Testimonials is a little different because it includes absolutely zero styling out of the box. You’ll have to know CSS in order to style your testimonials.

It does have some interesting features though, including a drag-and-drop editor for you to create your own page templates on which to display your testimonials. You can also add custom fields to your testimonials to display whatever additional information you’d like.

This is a basic, flexible plugin that’s ideal for those who know their way around code but don’t want to create a plugin from scratch. The developer is also very involved with the userbase and open to suggestions, and often incorporates new features to the plugin based on user suggestions.


p style=”font-size:94%;”>(note: if you’re looking for an even more basic, light-weight testimonials-plugin than this one (if you’re an experienced developer for example), check out Testimonials by WooThemes)

Official Website

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Testimonials WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin developed by Brandon John, available on Code Canyon. It has a very high rating of 4.77 stars with almost 50 ratings!

As you’d expect, this premium plugin comes packed with a lot more features than many free ones. To begin with, there are a lot of display options for your testimonials right out of the box. In a widget or using a shortcode, you can display them as a:

  • Slider with thumbnails
  • Slideshow with full testimonials and star ratings
  • Grid layout (great for pages)
  • List layout

You’ve also got a variety of styling options to choose from, including displaying the image on the top, bottom, or either side of the testimonial, and displaying the testimonial itself as a speech bubble. You can also customize font-and-background colors, outlines, font types, and more. Plus, all the displays are responsive — meaning they’ll look great on any size page or sidebar.

If you have the budget for a premium plugin, I’d highly recommend Testimonials WordPress Plugin.

Official Website

AB Testimonials Plugin

AB Testimonials WordPress Plugin

AB Testimonial WordPress Plugin is another premium plugin with very high ratings on Code Canyon. The developer, AB Themes, also provides customer support on their website.

Just like with Testimonials WordPress Plugin above, you have a choice to display your testimonials through widget or shortcode. There are two available styles to choose from, both of which are fully responsive. For further style customizations, though, you’ll have to modify the CSS on your own.

Customers can also easily submit their own testimonials through a submission form on your website.

Official Website

Kudobuzz Testimonial Widget

Kudobuzz Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Kudobuzz Testimonials is not as popular as the others on this list with just over 2,000 downloads, but it’s highly rated and has some interesting features that set it apart from the other plugins on this list.

In addition to adding your own testimonials (or “kudos”), Kudobuzz also automatically gathers positive mentions of you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogs around the web.

In order to use this plugin, you’ll have to create an account at Kudobuzz.com to use the plugin. Once you do, you can connect your social media accounts, and it’ll start tracking your mentions for you. This is a really great, easy way to save complimentary mentions on social media. You can then use shortcodes to display your testimonials on a post or page.

This plugin seems to be very basic and doesn’t have much documentation, but the functionality is very useful. Hopefully they’ll develop it more and more as time goes on.

Official Website

Do You Really Need a Plugin to Display Testimonials?

It’s true that you could easily add testimonials to your website manually. In fact, I’d recommend doing just that if you happen to have both the coding skills and only a couple of simple testimonials to display — especially if you don’t think you’ll be updating or adding to them anytime soon.

In many cases however, using a testimonials plugin will give you an excellent range of options for not only managing and displaying testimonials on your site, but also collecting them in the first place — thereby potentially saving you a lot of time and energy…

If you’re thinking to try using testimonials on your website in a big way, I’d absolutely recommend trying out one or more of the above-mentioned WordPress testimonial plugins!

Share Your Suggestions

I’ve been using Easy Testimonials on a few of my sites for a while, since it’s extremely quick and easy to set up. But if I were looking to upgrade, I’d definitely consider purchasing Testimonials WordPress Plugin.

Do you display testimonials on your website? How do you display them and how have they helped your business?

By KeriLynnEngel

KeriLynn Engel is a copywriter & content marketing strategist. She loves working with B2B & B2C businesses to plan and create high-quality content that attracts and converts their target audience. When not writing, you can find her reading speculative fiction, watching Star Trek, or playing Telemann flute fantasias at a local open mic.
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  1. Edgar Hütte says:

    Great article, this helps a lot. Two questions, however, that I still need to have answered concern (a) which one(s) are BuddyPress compatible and integrate testimonial features in the member profiles? and (b) my site requires (at least) two different types of testimonials: general ones for my online community and specific ones for every single event and trip that I organise (I use Modern Tribe’s The Events Calendar Pro plugin).

  2. Tomer Harel says:

    Hi KeriLynn, thank you for this great articles.
    All the WP plugins you mentioned are well known and definitely deserve to be mentioned. With that said, I would also mention some new players such as Spectoos.com (plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/spectoos-testimonials/). Spectoos is unique in the sense that every testimonial is linked to a social profile and that the testimonials are displayed in a beautiful widget showing rotating people’s faces. It also comes with performance stats (e.g. which is the most clicked testimonial), SEO page to help drive traffic to the users’ websites and much more. Give it a try, it’s definitely different than most of the traditional testimonial plugins you mentioned here.

    Disclaimer, I’m a co-founder at Spectoos.

  3. Chris Newitt says:

    Hello, I am new to the Testimonial plug in thing. I have two websites that have testimonials going to my email and I log in to my 2 websites and add them manually. The testimonial plug-ins say “easy” add testimonials but it looks like I still need to log-in and add the testimonial. Is there one that the visitor can fill out and then I “approve” to be posted along with a photo they may want to send?


    • Alex says:

      If you want to have testimonial submission forms that you use to collect information in custom fields though, that wouldn’t be possible with Elementor – right?

  4. Samdani says:

    Testimonial always creates goodwill and that goodwill ultimately makes sure better conversion . This is why, it is necessary to use best one of testimonial plugins for wordpress .
    And in this case, the testimonial plugins shared here are appropriate greatly .

  5. Jack from Canada says:


    Thank you for an informative article. I have been searching for a Testimonials plugin to implement on my WordPress website. My issue is that I’m coming from an HTML environment where I have a database of testimonials previously gathered using the LimeSurvey tool. I send a Customer Satisfaction Survey to my clients after completion of a job. In addition to recording answers to specific questions related to my service calls, I request a star-rating. If the overall rating is “positive”, I also ask whether they would mind leaving a comment that I can post to my testimonials page. LimeSurvey records all answers (including the text of the testimonial) into its database.

    On my website, I have PHP code that accesses the LimeSurvey database, counts the survey responses, computes and displays the average star-rating and displays the testimonial text as recorded by my clients. Since I know the name of the client who was sent the survey, I parse the testimonial text to see if they have “signed” their comments. If they have, I display the testimonial with their full name. If they haven’t, I display the testimonial with their initials only.

    Now, I’m hoping I can find a WordPress plugin that can do what my PHP code does – interface with LimeSurvey to extract the information to be displayed on the testimonials page. At the moment, on my rudimentary WordPress site, I have used a text widget to contain my custom PHP code. The reason I would like to convert to a standardized WordPress plugin is because over the years, I’ve had to rewrite my PHP code several times as functions become deprecated.

    I don’t necessarily want to create a WordPress plugin myself, partly because I don’t have the skills to do a great job and partly because I am too old to take on the burden of supporting people who might want to use the plugin. Maybe someone who reads your article and these comments will create this interface.

  6. Mahabub Sujon says:

    I have suggest a new Testimonial Plugins as like “WordPress Testimonial Plugin | GS Testimonial Slider” .
    GS Testimonial Slider is a WordPress Testimonial Plugin which creates custom post type to add client’s testimonials / recommendations to display anywhere of your site using the shortcode.
    GS Testimonial plugin is simple but flexible & powerful.

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