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You can find more than 1,400 WordPress themes at TemplateMonster. That’s an impressive amount of themes, but are they any good? In this TemplateMonster review, we’ll look at some of their best WordPress themes, the other services they offer, and whether they represent good value for money.

If you’re looking for a new WordPress theme, then this review will help you decide whether browsing TemplateMonster’s large library is worth your time, or whether you should focus your attention elsewhere instead.

Let’s get started…

About TemplateMonster

WordPress Themes from Template Monster

TemplateMonster have a growing library of WordPress themes.

TemplateMonster launched in 2002, and have since become one of the largest website template marketplaces in the business. WordPress themes were added to the marketplace in 2006, and there are now more than 1,400 of them. Each is available exclusively from TemplateMonster, and has been created by a team of in-house designers. You won’t find these themes anywhere else.

Themes by Template Monster developer Delta

The TemplateMonster WordPress themes are created by a team of in-house designers.

We’ll look at the pricing details in more depth later on in this review, but their most popular WordPress themes are available for purchase on an individual basis for around $75. Optional upgrades are available for each theme purchase, including theme installation and web hosting. At the time of writing, TemplateMonster didn’t offer a membership option or theme club that would give you access to all of their products for one price.

As well as the standard licenses, TemplateMonster do offer a buyout license that lets you take a theme off the market and ensure you’re the last person to download it — something you may want to consider if you’re looking for a unique design for your WordPress website.

TemplateMonster Key Details

Here’s some key information about TemplateMonster:

  • Launched in 2002.
  • Offers 1,422 WordPress themes (plus more than 25,000 templates for other platforms).
  • Themes span multiple categories, including blogs, portfolios, business websites, ecommerce stores, and more.
  • Offers a small collection of WordPress plugins.
  • WordPress themes are typically priced at $75.
  • Extra services, including theme installation, plugin packages, website and theme customization, and stock photos, are available, as well as web hosting offered through a partnership with InMotion Hosting.

Typical TemplateMonster WordPress Theme Features

The Power Builder page builder tool.

Many TemplateMonster WordPress themes include their PowerBuilder page builder tool.

With so many themes available, it’s difficult to generalize when describing the TemplateMonster WordPress themes. However, their latest themes do share some similarities. Typically, a modern theme from TemplateMonster will include:

  • the PowerBuilder drag-and-drop WordPress page builder tool
  • support for the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to personalize many aspects of your website
  • licensing under GPLv3, allowing you to use the theme on any number of projects belonging to either you or your clients with no limitations
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • a full set of online documentation for each theme
  • try-before-you-buy online admin demos for themes and plugins.

Although the TemplateMonster WordPress themes are created by a team of in-house designers, their appearances vary and cover a wide range of styles.

Modifying the themes with WordPress Customizer

Most TemplateMonster themes let you personalize your website through the WordPress Customizer to varying degrees.

The above information on what to expect from a TemplateMonster theme should be used as a general guide only. The exact details can vary from product to product, so it’s highly recommended that you check exactly what a particular theme includes before making a purchase.

Best WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

To help you find the best TemplateMonster WordPress themes, here are a few of the most impressive options available today.

Monstroid 2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid 2 is the upgraded and improved version of the original Monstroid flagship theme from TemplateMonster. Like its predecessor, it’s certainly a popular choice that has received favorable reviews from blogs covering the WordPress community, as well as customers who’ve purchased the theme.

Monstroid 2 WordPress Theme

Monstroid 2 builds upon the features that made the original Monstroid theme a success. If you choose this theme, you’ll get access to a growing library of child themes that have been built for creating specific types of websites, and there’s also a selection of plugins included in the package, adding useful functionality to your WordPress website. Full customization options are on offer, too — including a page builder tool.

Other highlights of Monstroid 2 include:

  • a theme installation wizard
  • 29 child themes for a range of different websites
  • multiple homepage demos
  • a large library of inner page templates and layouts
  • full ecommerce support for selling products and services online.

Monstroid should be able to help you create almost any type of website with WordPress. However, if you’re looking for a more focused, purpose-built theme, there are plenty more options to choose from in the TemplateMonster library.

Price: From $75


Magic Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Built for creative projects, Magic will help you launch a WordPress website for your personal blog, online portfolio, design agency, or photo gallery. Thanks to the full ecommerce support, no matter which Magic demo you choose, you’ll have the option of selling products and services from your website.

Magic Creative WordPress Theme

The Magic website demos make good use of sliders, full-screen layouts, and eye-catching color combinations. However, as this theme is packed with customization options, you shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting the design to match your vision.

Other highlights of Magic include:

  • seven distinct homepage designs and four color skins
  • a drag-and-drop page builder tool
  • the Slider Revolution slideshow builder plugin
  • detailed customization options and settings
  • the theme installation wizard.

While Magic is a multipurpose theme, it has a strong focus on creative websites, thanks to its library of templates and its colorful and vibrant design.

Price: From $75


Ascendio Corporate and Business WordPress Theme

Need a serious, no-nonsense website for your business? Ascendio can help. The default homepage layout and design has everything you need to get your message across to your visitors, and, hopefully, persuade them to take action and get in touch. From the core services list and the completed projects showcase section to the testimonials and company profile, your homepage can answer all the questions your audience may have upon arriving at your site.

Ascendio WordPress Theme

Everything is customizable with Ascendio. Whether you’re happy to redesign the content layouts with the drag-and-drop page builder tool, or simply change the color scheme, you should be able to get your website looking the way you want with Ascendio.

Other highlights of Ascendio include:

  • an assortment of prebuilt templates for your site’s essential pages
  • a library of content modules to enhance your pages
  • a selection of custom widgets for your site’s sidebars
  • a wealth of theme customization options and settings
  • blog and portfolio sections for sharing news and completed projects.

With just one website demo, Ascendio can be imported into your WordPress site and ready for use in just a few clicks.

Price: From $75


Gusto Café and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Gusto was built to enable you to create a café or restaurant website with WordPress. To achieve this, Gusto has all the templates needed to publish multiple food and drink menus on your website, plus all the other important pages a good café or restaurant website needs.

Gusto WordPress Theme

Gusto even has the ability to accept reservations online if you’d like to offer that service. You also get a good selection of prebuilt website elements to work with, allowing you to mix and match them to create the right design for your site.

Other highlights of Gusto include:

  • seven different header layouts
  • a drag-and-drop page editor
  • a full set of website customization options
  • custom widgets for displaying interactive content
  • an online appointment and bookings management tool.

Gusto should be able to help any café or restaurant owner launch a stylish and useful website for their business.

Price: From $75


Trendomania Lifestyle and Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

If you want to give your blog a makeover or ensure it has a stylish design from the outset, the Trendomania theme could be a good option. The overall design is minimal, although the feature list certainly isn’t. Custom widgets and a varied set of theme options give you a good amount of control over the appearance of your site.

Trendomaina WordPress Theme

Depending on how you configure the theme, your blog could feature a mobile-friendly content slider on the homepage, followed by excerpts from your most popular posts. Alternatively, you could simply use a more traditional blog layout and display your latest posts on the homepage. Trendomania is a flexible theme.

Other highlights of Trendomania include:

  • six website header layouts
  • detailed theme customization controls
  • a multiple sidebar management tool
  • a newsletter subscription form
  • a library of post formats and blog layouts.

Trendomania should help you create a stylish blog that has all the necessary features to keep your visitors on site for as long as possible.

Price: From $45


Laraway SEO & Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

The Laraway theme demo has been set up to help you create an SEO and digital marketing agency website with WordPress. However, any business or individual offering services online should be able to make good use of Laraway.

Laraway SEO WordPress Theme

Laraway makes it easy to display information about clients you’ve worked with and projects you’ve completed. You can also use the blog templates to share the latest news from your business.

Other highlights of Laraway include:

  • a drag-and-drop page builder tool
  • a full set of customization options
  • a team member profile publisher
  • project showcase templates for publishing case studies
  • a library of templates for important pages and blog posts.

Laraway has all of the prebuilt content and customization features you’ll need to create a unique website for your business.

Price: From $75


TemplateMonster WordPress Plugins

Template Monster Plugins

TemplateMonster also sells a number of WordPress plugins.

As well as themes, TemplateMonster also offers a small number of WordPress plugins. Among the options, you’ll find the MotoPress Content Editor, a front-end drag-and-drop page builder that upgrades the standard WordPress Editor to a point-and-click, WYSIWYG website designer tool.

MotoPress Plugin

The MotoPress Content Editor plugin adds a fully featured drag-and-drop page builder to your WordPress website.

You can buy the MotoPress Content Editor plugin on its own for $29, or choose it as a paid add-on when purchasing select themes from TemplateMonster. However, many of the latest WordPress themes from TemplateMonster already include their in-house PowerBuilder backend page builder tool, which offers similar functionality.

Slider Plugin

The MotoPress Slider plugin allows you to create interactive animated slideshows for your website.

Although some TemplateMonster themes include a basic slideshow tool, they also sell the premium MotoPress Slider plugin. For $19 you can start adding animated, multi-layer slideshows to your website using the drag-and-drop interface of this plugin.

Another premium plugin is the Hotel Booking Engine tool, which can be used to accept reservations from your hotel, guesthouse, or other similar types of websites.

TemplateMonster Pricing Information

Theme pricing upgrades

TemplateMonster themes can be purchased with optional upgrades.

The TemplateMonster WordPress themes are available for purchase individually. While prices vary, most of their latest themes are listed for around $75. When purchasing a theme, you can add optional upgrades such as a package of recommended plugins, theme installation and customization, stock images, and web hosting through the TemplateMonster partnership with InMotion Hosting.

As mentioned earlier, TemplateMonster also offer a buyout option for some of their themes. Therefore, if you find a theme with zero downloads or one that has only been purchased a few times, you could pay the extra fee and secure a theme that will no longer be on sale.

Themes with Zero Downloads

The TemplateMonster website makes it easy to find themes that haven’t been downloaded yet.

Prices vary for the buyout license depending on the theme — $5,000 appears to be a common amount for themes with zero downloads — but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a unique design for your website.

Final Thoughts

Barbershop Theme

TemplateMonster have a good selection of niche WordPress themes.

The best-selling WordPress themes from TemplateMonster should check all the boxes on most people’s list of requirements when it comes to choosing a new theme. They also offer a good selection of niche themes, so, if you’re looking for a theme for your barbershop or lawn care business, you’re likely to find one at TemplateMonster.

The TemplateMonster upgrade options can certainly help make launching a WordPress website easier. Letting TemplateMonster take care of the theme installation, website customizations, and hosting removes much of the friction that can prevent you from ending up with a working website you’re happy with.

However, there are many other WordPress themes out there that can compete with the best products from TemplateMonster. Divi from Elegant Themes is an impressive multipurpose option that’s constantly improving and can be used to create any type of website with WordPress. StudioPress Sites and Envato Hosted are just two other services that can provide you with everything you need to get your WordPress website online, including a high-quality theme, support, and hosting.

If you like what you see, there’s no reason not to choose a WordPress theme from TemplateMonster. However, as there are so many other places to find top-quality WordPress themes, you may want to shop around a bit before making a final decision.

Using/used a theme from TemplateMonster? Thoughts?

By Joe Fylan

Joe is an experienced WordPress user who enjoys sharing the tips and knowledge he's picked up from using this fantastic platform for many years. You can find out more about Joe on his website.
Comments (policy)
  1. Robert Tolar says:

    This company is a total scam in my opinion. They customer support is nonexistent. What a rip off. I paid $974 for a $74 Word Press Template plus $900 in web design support to customize the site with all my content and perform SEO on it! It’s been two months and I cannot launch the site yet because I don’t have a logo and menus on the front page. The “project manager” who is the only person they give you access to will not return any of my emails and they customer support “ticket” process generates no response no matter how many times you file a complaint. I never saw any SEO from them. I want a refund!! My order number is NMXBon63rgOT79hqCFKS

  2. Alexandre Gaudette says:

    I have to tell anyone this is the worst company ever. Have a problem this is the way they will support you. We will send a ticket to our support team and they will get back to you in 24 hours. When the get back to you the only thing they ask is please elaborate even though it was elaborated. IT IS A COMPLETE WAST OF TIME NO SUPPORT AT ALL JUST WASTING YOUR TIME.

  3. Lance Jepsen says:

    Templatemonster is a scam company. I bought a wordpress theme from them called Publicon that took down my website and knocked it into recovery mode. I spent hours restoring my website and the company will not give me a refund. They are outside the US and so they have poor customer service. They wanted my admin login details to try and install themselves and I told them no. If I can’t trust the company to provide a working theme, I’m not going to trust them with my entire website admin access. I’m filing a complaints with my CC company and other agencies.

  4. daniel giard says:

    Never Again…

    Don’t take my word for it, this company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau!!

    I worked in the field of helping small retail stores restructure their companies to be more competitive to today’s market. In the last few years I have opened 29 templates monster accounts for a variety of clients wanting to enter the on-line commerce game. One of my last purchases was for the Levilon template, that has an over-seas vendor.

    I had two specific fixes that I needed done, one was that the item stock quantities and the item number were appearing in the product description instead of below the item name (as customary), the second issue appeared after they attempted to fix the first; all images were erased from the site, I was able to reload all images at the exception of the language flags.

    After 18 e-mails over a period of a month, including visual documentation on what needed to be done to fix the reference issue, they finally were able to get this done. Unfortunately the flag issue remains!

    After running out of patients. I decided to contact Template Monster to rectify the issue, after explaining the same subject to 2 different people, I was eventually told that they would send a Ticket to the vendor!! When I complained that I had just spent a month on the issue, he tells me that my e-mails with the vendor were not obvious and my explanations were bad!! Just look at the site I have 1 flag that is 10 times bigger than the others, IT’S OBVIOUS!!!

    To conclude Never Again will I be purchasing from them..and that is OBVIOUS
    Don’t take my word for it, this company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau!!

  5. Tim James says:

    I bought a template from these guys, assuming it would be designed for fairly easy customization to my needs. WRONG! Even with my knowledge of navigating and rewriting HTML code, this thing is absolutely baffling! Useless. Don’t waste your money as I did! Oh, and the company appears to be Russian or Chinese, although the billing was through Arab Emirates! Enough sed!

  6. Daniel Hogberg says:

    Poorly coded and corrupt template!

    I bought a template from Templatemonster converted from Joomla to WordPress for $420 USD. The code is so poor that I have not been able to use the template for its purpose and simply left it in a folder on my computer. I have asked for a refund but instead of giving me my money back, Templatemonster is now asking me to get another template.

    I am very unhappy with my experience so far and do not recommend anyone to buy a converted template from this company. I have experienced very poor support in general and you often end up chatting with what appears to be some kind of lame bot, instead of a human being.

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