Give users the ability to correct mistakes/typos in their comments!

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How many times have you left a comment on a blog post and then noticed a howling typo/error in it after hitting the “Submit Comment” button? For me, it’s easier to answer the question how many times have I left a comment on a blog post and then NOT noticed an error…! Part of the problem is that I often re-write parts of the comment I intend to leave before submitting it – and as anyone who writes for a living will tell you: every re-write is another chance to introduce new errors… What’s more, although mistakes made by other people are usually glaringly obvious, for various reasons (more on this in a future post) it’s usually much much harder to spot your own mistakes! The result: you look like a moron who either doesn’t know basic grammar or can’t spell (possibly both?) in the very place you were trying to either make a point and/or look intelligent! Ouch!

Now, although there’s no way to solve the problem of leaving comments containing daft typos that you yourself leave on other people’s blogs (apart from ample proofreading* of course), thanks to a particularly clever WordPress plugin by Ronald Huereca, there is, however, at least a way to help solve it for your own users/readers:

Introducing “Simple Comment Editing” by Ronald Huereca: a free WordPress plugin that gives anonymous users the ability to edit (or even delete) their comments AFTER they’ve submitted them…

What it does:

In short: once installed, this relatively simple plugin let’s anybody who leaves a comment on one of your posts edit their comment as many times as they like within a set period of time (default 5 minutes) AFTER they’ve hit “Submit” – a functionality so genius it’s almost a wonder it’s not been built into WordPress’ own commenting system by default!

Why use it:

Well, since in using the plugin you’ll be seriously reducing the possibility that people who really do know basic spelling and grammar will end up looking a bit silly when they inadvertently make daft errors/typos in their comments (something they’ll almost certainly be thankful for: which, in turn, may very well encourage them to comment more frequently) you’ll essentially end up with better, more-thought-out comments (with less errors in them) on your blog posts – something which can really only be a benefit to everybody, i.e. you the publisher, them the commenter and anybody else who happens to read any of your blog’s comments in general: a win-win-win scenario!

…the only problem: not nearly enough blogs use it! Now if only Disqus (which we use here on WinningWP) would notice this blog post (feel free to tweet it to them) and integrate a similar feature…

Credit where it’s due: I first saw this functionality over on WPTavern a few months back and then emailed Jeffro & Sarah to find out how they managed it – upon which they kindly told me about this plugin.

*which may or may not be enough to catch those pesky typos!

If you haven’t already, go check it out now!

By Brin Wilson

Founder of WinningWP - passionate about all things WordPress! Find me on Twitter.
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