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New Guide: How to Make a Small Business Website with WordPress – Step by Step!

Although originally created for just blogging, WordPress has come a long long way since its first release (over fifteen years ago). In fact, nowadays, WordPress is at home powering all manner of different sites: from simple blogs, to eCommerce sites with millions of visitors, to huge multinational corporations and more — so if you’re thinking of using it to create and manage a regular small business website (i.e. more of a business-focused — rather than just a regular blog-focused — site), that’s really well well within its remit (and then some!).

But where to start? And how to go about making your site (all the way from registering a new domain name, etc) in the best possible way to ensure performance, ease of use and reliability? As usual, we’ve got you covered, with another brand new — and seriously detailed — in-depth guide:

How to Make a Professional Small Business Website – with WordPress: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for 2018.


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